Monday, January 30, 2012

Take One Men's Shirt

Do you know Pinterest?
That new online bulletin board that keeps my daughter online for hours at a time.
Trolling through hundreds of ideas for something fun to do, to make, to eat. 
I'm on Pinterest, too.  I have a few boards, I have a few pins.  I see what other people pin and I think, "oh I like that", and pin it.  I wonder if I will ever use what I see.

ANYWAY, my daughter found this skirt, 

ANYWAY, my daughter found this skirt, with a tutorial, through pinterest. Unfortunately, we ended up with a short-sleeved shirt so she learned a lot of things that the original tutorial didn't address.
Like, how to put a zipper in, and how to piece the back side of the waistband where it won't show, when you don't have enough material. 

This was one project she wanted to do all by herself.  Which she did by the way, with a little instruction about the zipper. 
It turned out very well.  

And she wore it very well.

I like this business of making old things new again.  It fits right into my "don't buy anything new, unless you really have to", philosophy.

I'm training her up right.


Renee said...

Well do tell, that is the cutest skirt out of her Dad's old shirt! Or not...about the Dad part...but whomever's shirt it was, it makes an adorable skirt, and you were right when you said she wears it well!

Gramma's Corner said...

Jane wrote: "That is so cute! Congratulations to both of you...projects done together create so much more than the original project!!!!"

Gramma's Corner said...

Ruth wrote: "That is really cute and Lynette did a great job!"