Friday, February 24, 2012

Barry 5 Months

It is frightening how fast these little guys grow up!  I have to remember when they are exhausting me, so sit down and squeeze them tight. 

Barry is sitting pretty well when put there. If he reaches to grab for things he tips over and starts to play with his feet instead. I love it when babies fold themselves in half and suck on their toes. 

He still has his charming smile. Barry doesn't laugh much, unless he is tickled, and I don't believe in tickling. 
He would much rather be standing or being walked around to see what is going on.  
I'm enjoying having him staying immobile a little longer than most of the babies I have been involved with.  Two of my kids, and Zane were nearly crawling, and able to get into a sitting position  about this time.  Barry just sits where he is plopped, and stays there until he tips over, and then he will roll back and forth a bit, but he really isn't interested in much moving.   He is starting to really stretch for things, so it won't be too long until he tries to move himself along. 

 He kept himself occupied one afternoon with me chewing on this snake, it was pretty wet, ick.

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The J's said...

Baby Barry & Wyatt are about right at the same stage!