Saturday, February 4, 2012

Great Aunts and Woodpiles.

We were lucky enough to have a very special Auntie come to visit our house for a few days.  I guess I should say a very special sister, and sister-in-law, too, depending on the age and generation bracket you fall into in our household.
We had the BEST time. Cooking and talking and laughing and working outside. 
Not everyone has relatives that like to come help with outside clean-up, but we have one and we appreciate the help. After this is family company.

Jim started cleaning up the wood pile behind our shop that has been a PILE for several years and was infested with termites.  Now, something HAD to be done about that, so Jim has been working on piling and sorting about putting out termite killer. With his sister here they really went at it and got the wood part of the mess cleaned up back there.  We would like to get our place a lot tidier than it is, but it will take a while.  It is much easier to clean up in the summer, but there are a lot of other things that need done then, too. 

And, it is always nice to come home and see the new family members and how much the not as new ones have grown.  

Nothing like Auntie love!


The Chairman's Wife said...

That special auntie is a very special "auntie" to many over here too!

Anita said...

Aww- she makes those kids look twice as nice! ;)
I've heard a lot about that wood pile, actually. She claims it was good for her neck! ;)