Sunday, February 12, 2012

10,000 Hits Continued

When I started the previous post, I had every attention of highlighting a few special blog posts over the last two and a half years, and writing some special words about them.  What evolved was different that I expected and those special posts didn't seem to fit in.  

I'm going to do that here.

I don't remember when I discovered the 'Stats' button on my posting page, but it is fun to look at and see where my viewers are from and what they are looking at.  
A while back I was looking at my most viewed posts of all time and was astonished at what ended up in the top five list.  

I'm not surprised at this one, a new baby is always welcome news. 
This post was far and away the most popular post ever, having at this moment twice as many views as the next on the list. 

I'm also not really surprised at this one, since it is another life changing event in our lives, when our daughter was married. 

These next three are pretty evenly matched for page views and I don't know why people liked them.  I like them, I like them enough I want to remember that they were in the top five, because I don't expect them to stay there.  There will be other things in my life that will attract more attention.

This one has a little bit about my views on raising kids. 

I love this post.  It was one of the posts that I 'felt' when I wrote it.  It is the kind of writing I wish I could do all the time and get money for. It's the kind that satisfies something in me deep down inside and I know I can write the way I want to. 

I'm so pleased this post is in the current top five.  I'm not sure why it is.  It is a story of accomplishment, achievement, perseverance and hard work.  It's a story of support and victory.  It is also just of story of my daughter's achievement not some earth shattering event.  This is why I like it, because she's mine.

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