Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

We don't do much for Valentine's Day.  Often the best celebrations are the simplest ones.  Long ago, I started the tradition of making a special supper on Valentine's Day.  We use Jim's mother's rose china, with stemmed glassware, and my rose silver plated "silver ware".  I make some sort of special dessert, usually one chocolate and one not, since I have one kid who isn't a huge chocolate lover, and one that is. (like me)  The rest eat anything sweet. 

This year with Valentine's Day on Tuesday, the day  we have the boys from 3 to 10 pm, I couldn't do as much as I normally do. Carrying a very heavy 5 month old wherever you go, is limiting. (I should have someone take a photo of him slung under my arm, hanging on my hip.)  

I wanted to continue the tradition, so I threw the 'having a clean house' program out of the window, and had Zane help me decorate the cupcakes.  He used all the sprinkles in the little bottle. Obviously to him, if you have the sprinkles you use them.    

We even had a cherub.

I set the table with the rose dishes, even with a three year old.  I did use my sturdier stemmed glasses.  
I remember mom letting us use her goblets when we were younger.  We didn't use them everyday, but often enough that there is only one left.  I have a lovely memory, even if I don't have the glasses.  I let my kids use mine, and I don't have a complete set of anything anymore, but it matters more to me that the kids loved to use them. 

I did not have time to fold the napkins into fancy shapes.  I did not have time to clean up the kitchen, the living room, or the bathroom.  I should say, I did not have the desire, or the oomph to do these things. I did clean off the table and put the food away, (we had steak).  

And a very big thank you to my husband who took Zane outside for an hour while I cooked supper.

That is the best Valentine's gift I've ever had. 


Anonymous said...

Who cares whether everything was spotless, you're doing what you can for the ones you love. I also believe if you have special dishes, use them, or they're just dust collectors. If something breaks and can't be replaced, the memory of using it lasts forever.

Darcie said...

Loved reading about your Valentines tradition! Buidling special memories with special people...that's what it is all about.

gkey said...

dear Sweet-Tradition,

Perf! It looks lovely to me. I just managed some heart-shaped egg-in-a-holes for my people at breakfast, and no one took a picture! Oh, and some decadent chocolate-brownie-cupcakes for supper...which there wasn't a pic of either! Yes, I need to find the box with the china in it....and find some new stemware I only have 1 left.

The little cherub (AND big brother) look adorable.

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