Saturday, February 11, 2012

10,000 Hits

I've been waiting to write this post for awhile.  I noticed awhile ago that I was over 9,000 hits on my blog.  I get about 20 a day, and this doesn't count activity from my house, since my daughter uses it as a vehicle to other blogs. I'm not sure why this 10,000 is a magic number, but it makes me feel good to have this many people taking the time to breeze through here in the last year and a half. (ahem...excuse me...make that TWO years and a half, where HAS the time gone.)

Blogging is a fascinating thing.  I blog mostly because there is the pressing need inside me to record my life. I love the photo aspect because my visual memory is somehow faulty and without the photographs I don't remember events and specific incidents. I also want my faraway family to see what we are doing with our life, since individual attention in this matter has flown out the window.

I also like the attention.  I always have been needy in that aspect.  This blog gives it to me in a way that I hope places less burden on my family and friends to provide it. Sometimes I would like to know who across this wide world is peeking into our life, but I wouldn't know them anyway, so that doesn't really matter.

I would like to be able to blog with great, inspiring words, or with humorous insights on life that would take my blog soaring around the world with lots of notice, I think, maybe....but maybe not.  Truthfully, I'm not ready for that.  It comes with pressure and responsibility.  It would mean being someone I'm not right now.  So, for good or bad, my blog is what it is because of who I am right now, at this moment.

It is a waste of my time and everyone else's to try to be like someone else.  Just being a better me, is work enough.


The Chairman's Wife said...

Congrats! :-)

Brenda said...

You make me smile! Vernon S. told Lyle S. don't try to be someone else, just be a better you.

Aunt Dodie said...

And from one of your faraway family.....yay and double yay for you diligently and happily blogging away. I love the peek into your lives ... and yes, right into your mind! Keep up the good work.