Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time For Another Post

I feel like it is time to be writing another blog post.  The last few days when I've been thinking about it, an overwhelming desire for a nap has overtaken me.  And that is what happens instead.  This weekend is my "low" point for my last chemo.  The last two times I have been in the hospital with really low while blood cell counts and a fever during this time.  I've been having my blood drawn every few days so see how my body is reacting to the shot that was supposed to encourage my body to make lots of white blood cells.  The first report was very good, 8.5, on Monday, but yesterday's was 2.2.  I was in the hospital with a fever last time at that number.  I was heading for a bad night last night, cold and coughing (mucus), sometimes I throw up with that (pardon the details), so after a 11:30 bed change, I slept from midnight until 2 am, and from then to 6 am.  Wow, no waking up in the middles.  That is totally amazing and it may be the first time it has happened since I got sick.  I didn't sleep much the night before because I am having breathing problems with my sinuses, and I really don't like to breathe through my mouth.  It makes it SO dry and uncomfortable in my mouth.  I need to keep saying to myself, this is the low, we are still fighting chemo off.  It really isn't the upward swing quite yet.
I really need to use what energy I have doing business work for Jim.  That really does come first.  Except today is Saturday, so it is coming second.

It was so very nice of Bonita to take a little picture of our home and life, but one thing she didn't do is my love of yarn.  For those people that really know me and how many miles of yarn I have made into things will be glad to know I picked up a crochet hook two days ago, and I plan to slowly work on an afghan.  I have three rows finished.  I hope to do a little every day, even less than one row if it
has to be.
But office work will be before that today,

Now office work is done for awhile and I am reminded that I'm still fighting mucus, and it is winning today.  I hope it will let me take a nap.


Oleva said...

So glad to see your post, Shelley, and know you spent your strength thinking of others and we also think of you, but with more strength than you have!!!
I have been picking up along the way that that is "so you". You are a good teacher by example.
Send us a picture of the finished afghan. Please, when it is done.
Hope the "uck" of the chemo will soon be a past tense thing, tho it does take time and felt in some unexplainable ways I'm sure.
Our loving care,
C. and O.

Dorothy K said...

I'm busy wondering what kind of a Sunday you ended up having.... hope things take an upswing here this week, and wow what an interesting thought that you won't be heading into chemo again. So gains might get to actually be gains!
Well now....when the yarn comes out, that IS a good sign!
We have clean up at EB tomorrow...then head back to the Cities and begin a new year!
Love, Dodie

Dan & Cyndie said...

like Dorothy...I saw the "back to yarn" as a good sign also :)
hope you are over this hump soon & can feel like you areally are on the mend!!! so good to hear from you & hope your weekend finished out okay :)

Renee said...

YaY....the yarn is making a that means YOU are too. I sure do hope you had a good day yesterday and that the upswing is just beginning...and let it be slow if it needs to be, we just want it to be steady with no dips in it. I think that is entirely possible since the chemo is a thing of the past.

Love love love......

Anonymous said...

Shelley, Good to hear from you again. Glad to hear you are back to yarn! You do beautiful work. Hopefully this is the "upswing" now for you and you can start to feel better. We sure miss you on Sunday mornings, so looking foward to when we can can see your smiling face! Love and hugs, Holly

Darcie said...

Hope that your strength is returning for you more each and every day!

John and Sandy Linder said...

Hope you are feeling good and able to enjoy this gorgeous Nebraska fall day~

Anita said...

I'm slow reading posts again so sincerely hope that you've gotten over this mountain now and are feeling better! Glad you feel like crocheting! Yay!!