Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shelley, The Person

Here's the guestwiter (and I really am a guest at this time!) slipping into the author's chair again, and happily it's not because Shelley is too sick to write. Many of the people who read this blog know Shelley very, very well, but through the last couple months this blog has collected quite a few people who don't actually know Shelley.   Here are a few random images that may express who Shelley "is."

This admonition on the "to do" list board on the refrigerator is "pure Shelley." It has been on the board for the last couple months, put there before Shelley knew that she would be among the sick or the weak. 
Shelley is a lover of great literature, and collects and remembers special quotes from what she's read.  I found this little book that she put together quite a while ago. 
Too bad every single page couldn't be included.  
Her decorating in honor of her Deere husband.
A real homemaker, as is evidenced by the well stocked larder.
Some of what you see here was done this year by helpful friends and family.

Some people keep a Bible on the coffee table as decoration, but in this household it's more of a utility.  Everyone is enjoying Grandpa Kleeb's old giant print Bible. 
This is the brick house that has been home for them most of their married years. It's not quite in town, and it's not quite out of town.
We get to see this cheery little sprite go off to school every morning.
Sometimes she leaves notes behind
that leave us with watery eyes
and squishy hearts.

It's a day brightener when the grandboys stop by

and their parents.

People often ask how Jim is doing.....
Pretty well, I'd say.
This seems to be part of his therapy

You know raising chickens is the rising trend, and it has hit this household too.
I'm glad to consign that to the "been there done that" status,
but Jim loves those chickens.  They somewhat earn their keep now.

Probably don't need a picture of this, but if you ever do the naso/sinus surgery and treatment thing, you will need box after box of tissues.  Also, a clipboard for writing notes will come in handy when your voice is zapped by the treatments.
This is the morning view from their house, looking to the east.  It's the sunrise, the beginning of a new day.  Just like with Shelley, the night time of treatment is receding, and there are hints of light peeking through.

"Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised."


The Chairman's Wife said...

I really don't know Shelley all that well, just one meeting and through the gift of the internet. But my suspicions are very confirmed here. Thank you for sharing a bit deeper into the thoughtful, loving, and Spiritual person she is. I would like to call her my friend!

John and Sandy Linder said...


Dorothy K said...

Well now. Talk about watery eyes. You sure know how to make them. Thank you Bon for a most beautiful description of the family I love so much.

Lanae said...

Beautiful ... Shelley AND her family all, the writing and the pictures too ...

The J's said...

Oh my goodness, What a beautiful and teary eyed post!
You said it so perfectly! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
Hugs from me ♥

Anonymous said...

I don't need the picture of the tissues, but I need a tissue. What a lovely picture of Shelley! Thanks, Bonita, and anyone who helped with that post!

Sending love from Wisner, NE

Renee said...

You did it to me too...grabbing for the tissues to help the leaking eyes! All of it is so true...this is beautifully done, I simply adore this post!
I scarcely recognize Zane...he's so big and grown up looking...and now Barry looks more like I remember Zane looking. What a nice family picture of those four! Not hard to believe Lynette is a day brightener in that household! Thanks bunches dear guest writer!!

Oleva said...

Outstanding!! LOve this post and the "feelings" that come from someone who really knows Shelley and JIm and their family. Glad for the pictures also!! We are glad for you Shelley for every sign of better days of health. Hoping that continues.
Love and care,
Carl and Oleva

Gary said...

I am a very infrequent visitor, but after hearing the news of Shelley's illness a couple weeks ago, I thought I should get an update. I immediately had suspicions as to the identity of the guest writer, which were confirmed in the comments. :) Hope all goes well for you, Shelley. You and Jim need to make it back for Menomonie. :)

Janna said...

wow,just simply wow, this such a special post, I do not know you all personally although I frequent Gramma's Corner often. I love her simple and honest post but more so Gramma is so positve and sweet in her writings. Wishing Shelley and family the very best in the days ahead.
a SW/MN stalker!

Anita said...

"The country's not going to the dogs, it's going to the chickens," said Someone once (or twice or 3 times)! ;)
Well I'm glad there are people around who like to do more than eat chickens and their eggs!
Beautiful post. I'm glad you're there B! :)

Dan & Cyndie said...

oh my, the squishy heart thingy is being accomapnied by teary eyes here too!!! many thanks, dear one, for so very perfectly describing our dear sister-friend, Shelley!!!
and her very dear precious family...one & all :)

Darcie said...

What a beautiful post to learn even more beautiful things about an already truly beautiful person.