Thursday, October 4, 2012

Radiation and Chemotherapy Are Finished!

I can hardly believe it!!  The title says it all.  Of course, radiation has been finished for a few weeks now, but chemo was over yesterday so my "treatment" is done.  Of course, there will be a lot of things done to me in the next months and years checking me out and over, but this stage is done.  The healing can begin in earnest.  This time it should be just chemo healing without the complications of radiation involved.  

I am SO tired right now, but it is so hard to sleep with my mouth as dry as it is because it just gets drier and hurts more. Last night, I didn't have much trouble, so I'm hoping for the same tonight and just hanging in here, tired or not, for now.  

These photos are all taken on the "Last Day".

For some unknown reason, my right arm was all swollen so I had a doppler ultrasound done on it, to see if there was a blood clot, but there wasn't. So, they next wanted to check the port catheter with dye, to make sure it was hooked up properly, but we had to wait an hour for that so....

..... the ultrasound people wrapped me up well to meet the Cancer Center people and squeezed the chemo treatment in quickly before I went to radiology for the dye scan. 

In, for chemo.

And out again, NO MORE CHEMO!!


By, the way, there is nothing wrong with the port, everything is fine, and my arm swelling is starting to reduce.  
I did go into the cancer center today to have the shot that stimulates the body to make lots of white blood cells. The second and third rounds of chemo have landed me in the hospital, with my white blood count going nearly to the bottom, almost to zero.  The the body can't heal and I get sores I in my mouth.  I couldn't take the shot the other times because it doesn't work while radiation is going on, but they are hoping it will do the trick this time and not only keep me out of the hospital, but also keep me the healing.  The body doesn't heal without the white blood cells. 
It sounds so good that this stage is done, but it is also the beginning of another stage, the recovery stage, which will take its time, too. I'm anxious to see progress made, and I'm sure everyone else is, too, but it will be slow going, I'm afraid.   

It isn't over, yet, folks, over the next couple of weeks, I will being have blood drawn to make sure my red blood counts are fine, too. If they go down, I could go into the hospital again. I hope I don't. 

Time to start climbing back out!


Brenda said...

So happy for you!!

John and Sandy Linder said...

Keep climbing out one step at a time and you will get there girl!

Glad the last round is over!

Celebrate just as much as you want and when you deserve it!

Judy Cronk said...

So you've run the treatment marathon and starting the recovery run! Good for you! We hope you gain strength quickly!

Ruth said...

Hurray! So relieved for all of you that this is all behind you know. Better days are just ahead! You have fought so bravely...and kept a smile on your face. Keep us updated on your progress!

Oleva said...

Great to see those smiles on both your faces. We do understand that it isn't the finish of all things, but so glad for you for what is over and for hope of better days. Don't get too hyped and be good to yourself.
Glad you have a special person there.
If I can't send some pictures direct to your email, I'll send them to her and she'll know what to do!! We are glad gospel meetings are starting Sun. at Verona (Robert and Luther) and are looking forward to some real soon even closer in the field north of us.
Good night, hope it is esp good tonight.
Love and care to all of you.
Carl and Oleva

The J's said...

I'm so happy to read this & see your pictures--good for you for documenting it! Totally so glad that this stage is over & on now to the next--yes it will take time but a better road to travel! Hope to see you next week when I'm back in town!!

Anonymous said...

So glad for you Shelley. You have come a very long way and even tho there are lots more tests, etc. ahead of you, just remember that you can and will get thru it all. So much to be thankful for!!!

Wayne and Darlene J

Renee said...

Love your smiling faces in these photos!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you're done with the treatments------great step accomplished! We know there's more to it, as you mentioned, but we're glad that that part is behind you, and hopefully it's done it's work, so you can, some day, look back and feel that it was worth it.
Hoping that things continue to get better for you. Thanks, again, for keeping us posted.
Barb K.

Darcie said...

Big, big, and gentle hugs being sent your way! Yay for this chapter coming to a close!

Heidi said...

That made my day to read this! Happy for you -- and your whole family, what a relief. Wishing you a good recovery.

Anita said...

Hip hip hooray! All the best in the recovery stage of things- stay out of the hospital, sleep lots and get better fast!!! It must feel amazing to be this far down the road!!!

Lanae said...

yay! you've made it through! hope the healing from it all goes well from here.