Monday, October 1, 2012

The Last Round of Chemo Begins

This sounds all well and good, and it is all well and good, since the last of any bad thing IS good.
They keep telling me, "Remember, as hard as this is on your body, is it just as hard on the cancer."  It is very hard for me to be remembering that a lot of times.
I'm sitting here, almost finished with my very long chemo day as they are flushing fluid out to protect my kidneys from today's Cisplatin.  I have forgotten, that flushing fluid out makes my mouth drier than usual, so that is pretty uncomfortable.   It is also hard to think about facing another three weeks of extra dry mouth and possibly more mouth sores, since those are both side effects of my chemo.
I'm also going to be given the shot on Thurs, that is supposed to produce huge amounts of white blood cells.  This is to keep me out of the hospital with low white blood cell counts. however, if the red blood cell count goes very low, I will end up in the hospital because of that.  But, it would only be low enough that I would need to have blood given me, and it shouldn't be for nearly as long.  I was in for a week the other two times!!

Tomorrow are my two short days of Chemo, and since I didn't sleep very well last night, I'm ready for a nap. 


Renee said...

Oh wow...I had it wrong. I thought today was the conclusion of this chemo stint....two more days...:Blee!! But they are the LAST ones, right? You are almost to the end of this long long treatment road. I am so proud of you, AND your family, that has stood by your side and helped you get to this point!!!

Oleva said...

Just got "caught up with you" as we left last Tues. then to Menomonie on Wed...Did catch up a little by asking your Sis in law and your daughter about you!! Missed you with us this year, but sure special to get to see Lynette and her friend :-) What a surprise.
Our convention was so encouraging, but very very sobering and heart searching. So much was mentioned about prayer. For one: "if we don't pray we can't Live"! I'm glad the Lord understands that sometimes we aren't able to pray for ourselves and moves those who are able to pray for us. So thankful for the times when others have carried me on their hearts to the Lord.
Love, to you and yours.
C. and O.

Anita said...

Sure hope this round goes quickly and you can get down to the serious business of really regaining lost ground!! xo

Gramma Lorna and Grampa Garland said...

Glad you were able to write again as always anxious to hear!! Love you! Lorna

The J's said...

I do like the sound of "last round". And I DO hope this one goes better!!
So good to hear from you again.

Dan & Cyndie said...

"LAST RO"UND" words to cheer about for sure!!! so hoping the shot works AND your red blood count stays up AND you get to begin to regain & heal. So very much value your spirit & courage thru all. love you most dearly!!

Lanae said...

I am glad this is the last round; almost done! I hope it goes well for you too. Thinking of you often.

Njos Family said...

Yay, love all the smiles in this post - made me smile too.