Thursday, April 18, 2013

This is Spring?

I don't expect a balmy April, in fact I expect a rather lovely late March that tempts me into outside work and preparing in mind and body for a chilly rainy April in which I want to huddle inside next to the fireplace.  What I don't expect it so cold and snowy.  Frost at night yes, but not 25 degree nights and 32 degree days.  Rain and rain, but not snow and sleet and hail and thunder and lightening and wind, all in one night, with tornado watches.  And the next week, more snow. 

It really was like spring a couple of weeks ago, but we have had such unseasonable weather since then that these days will go into the annals of memory as "never had we such an April".  We have been lucky in our area not to be affected by the worst of the storms, road closings, and amount of snow that afflicted some of my friends.  Today is the latest I remember having measurable snow.  If we had more snow, the wind would make a real blizzard today. 
I should be able to remember this April. It always helps to have some sort of reference point to keep the passing seasons in my mind.  I remember a few years ago, on April 11th, there was a late ice storm that brought down power lines and caused rural areas to be out of power for several weeks. Today, April 18th, the day after Jim's birthday, I am watching the snow blow across the landscape.   I would be perfectly happy enjoying the scene, except I have a daughter at school who has to drive in this stuff.home and to work,   The forecast says it won't last all day, but we will see. 

I tried to get photos this morning showing the blowing snow, but that is pretty hard to do. 

From inside the deck door.

From the kitchen window.

No matter what the weather is like, if we are going to have our choice of baby chicks, they have to be bought. 
They are so cute.  

All cuddled up for a nap.


Renee said...

The baby chicks and their cheeping will help keep your spirits up and your faith in...."spring is just around the corner".

Darcie said...

It has been quite the spring for a lot of the country. We haven't at the snow, but we sure had the rain today. I LOVE that first picture...the snow frames the barn so perfectly.

The J's said...

I just keep telling myself, "It could be worse", and "It won't last"!
We have baby chicks again this year too, they are fryers this time and already growing SO fast!

Raimie said...

Dear auntie, yes, here in NE we talk about the weather! Maybe because it's all we seem to have lately! Or maybe because it is always changing so it never gets boring!

I remember the year we moved back to NE from NV. we got DUMPED on with snow in late April. I thought we had moved to another planet! Derek, Lynisha, and I rolled HUGE snow balls and lined them up to make fortress walls. We had grand snowball fights and those forts didn't melt completely until mid May. It was crazy!

Weathering the Long Winter in NE