Friday, April 26, 2013

Chickenless Chicken Pie

I made a beautiful chicken pot pie last night.  I used Pioneer Woman's pie crust recipe, which I hesitate to say, since it is so close to my mom's recipe, just different proportions and I have been using long before I knew about PW.  But, hers was easy to find, since the cookbook was on my counter and easier to reduce since I didn't have enough butter to make a whole batch.  

I wanted it all ready to bake for tomorrow night, since I will have grandboys this morning while my daughter has an ultrasound, and my folks are coming today to help work outside, (and will probably expect me to, also), and I really should look at the status of my business checking account, and.....
I will be tired.  

Getting it ready was all well and good, I like to have supper ready ahead of time, BUT, as I was talking to Jim on the phone last night (he's out of town), I had one of those "OH, NO" moment.

I forgot to put the chicken in!!!  

I spent so much time carefully mixing the filling, chopping and precooking the vegetables, wondering how long I should wait for it to cool before putting the top on, (not long enough obviously), that I never took the chicken out the the fridge.  

And, of course, I had the top crust lying on the counter, rolled to the perfect thickness, almost a circle, bigger than the pie pan, and it rolled over my rolling pin beautifully, no sticking to the counter, placed on the pan so there was crust evenly sticking out around the edges, (not half on like so many times).  I fork printed it all around and put it it the fridge.  

Now, what am I supposed to do?  Jim does not want to eat vegetable pie.  I do not have enough butter to make more crust, neither do I want to. I can't take it off and reroll it, it will have filling stuck to the bottom.  

Stay tuned, something will be done.  I'm just not sure what at 6:22 am.

Beautiful Pie

I cut around the top crust and lifted it out in one piece,  This was made easier because it was cold and set overnight.

Chopped Chicken--Finally

I sprinkled it on top and mixed it in slightly.

Then I laid the top crust back on and it looks almost as good as it did before.

I would like to blame this episode on chemo and radiation brain, but I'm not sure.  I've done things like this before.


The J's said...

Ooohh my! I suppose you could have just heated the chicken up and served it on the side to mix in with the pie--but looks like you solved it nicely! Thanks for the chuckle this morning! ;)

Jeanne Ogden said...

On one of the nicer days the first of this spring we were over an Nish and Jims for grilled hamburgers for supper. We got to talking about how nice the hamburgers were and such when Laura got a funny look on her face and looked down at her bun. She had put the dressing, lettuce, pickles ect but had no hamburger and had already eaten part of her bun.

Renee said...

Oh this is a good one, and it so could have happened in my kitchen! But mine never look Taste- of-Home- worthy like yours do! Yummy!