Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April's Hair

Part of me wishes I would have planned to take photos of my head every month so I could watch my hair grow.  It doesn't grow fast enough, because right now it is in the stand up all over my head or wet it down flat stage, but can't be depended on to do either one all at one time.  Anyway, I will likely get enough photos during the 5 or so years it will take to get my hair anywhere approaching the length it once was.  Here is April's.

As you can see part of my hair is wanting to curl, but not all of it, which is part of the reason my hair is annoyingly difficult to do much with except comb it as flat as I can.  The left side tends to grow toward the back, the right, straight down, the top and crown would rather stand up, and in the back, one half wants to curl, and the other is so thin you can see my scalp.  It is the funniest hair I have ever seen.  
(on me anyway)

Oh well, hair grows, and I'm glad I have something so trivial to complain about.  


Oleva said...

Well, you have the prospects of yours coming back in------I don't !! Ugh.
But for a different reason! Mine is really getting thin on top. THankfully I haven't gone thru what you have and are to lose it.
We sure enjoyed your SIL for two times for spec. mtg. visits. She is sure tolerant or she would refuse to come here!!!!!!!!
Sure like the picture of you and Jim.
Thanks for sharing. Always wondering about you!
C. and O.

The J's said...

Just think of all the different looks & hairstyles you can sport while it grows out! lol!! Great picture! (cute shrug too....I heard about it) :)

Raimie said...

Dear Auntie,
I love April's hair! You are looking vibrant and I personally like the wispy curls. Yes, you will have plenty of time for photos and experimenting now! :) That thought makes me smile.

Messy hair and no excuse in NE

Anne-Louise Olsson said...

I love the little curls, April's hair is looking pretty good from here!

Darcie said...

Its sort of a fun thing to see what your hair is like naturally. I like the curls too!!

Anita said...

It's like you're your mom! You know- unruly baby hair! And pretty cute!