Monday, April 8, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Spring is here!  
Or as much as it can be in April here.  My daffodils and hyacinths are blooming and snow is forecast for tomorrow.  The nice weather is giving me spring fever so I went downstairs to clean up around my summer pots and took a few outside on the deck, right next to the door, so I can take them in again tonight.  I feel like I want to be outside taking care of last year's garden trash, but I still have laundry in the washer and dryer, and dishes in the dishwasher.  
Jim is gone for the week on an out of town job, so Lynette and I could live in complete squalor until Friday afternoon and only do fun things.  Except, I really don't like that, I want a better example of house keeping for her to see, besides she has to work and has loads of art homework to do.

I've been celebrating my birthday for weeks, now  Sunday we finally had my "birthday dinner" at Red Lobster.  I had crab fettuccine, and discovered that my throat is not ready for garlic mashed potatoes.  The crab was good, though.  
I got this absolutely darling yarn bowl in the mail from my sister in law, and promptly put it to use with the yarn Jim gave me for my birthday.  It was just the thing for all that ribbony, fluffy and easily tangled up yarn.  I love it! 

Lynette has been taking part in the "One Million Bones" project, a global project focusing on genocide awareness.  Several of the schools in the area made bones in their art classes to display in the state capital and then in Washington, DC.  Lynette's art teacher wanted to bring the display to the public so the Kearney area bones were displayed in the art museum.  The teacher took Lynette with her on a TV interview the day before the public event, and Lynette gave a little speech Saturday afternoon at the afternoon event.  

Then the public was invited to go make bones to be a part of the display. I am no artist, those are mine on the right. 

I didn't take very many photos of the boys while I was sick, and sometime I want to chronicle those boys development last year sometime, but here they are on a recent visit to Gramma's house.  These boys have more fun with balloons.  Barry just throws his in the air and chuckles.  Zane likes to have one blown up and let go before tying and laughs watching it spin around the room.  After an adult blows one up Zane can blow it up himself.  

Papa's Boys

I picked up Barry for the first time since I was sick this week, I'm so glad I can really enjoy these boys.

Spring Jonquils


Dan & Cyndie said...

love seeing the pre-cancer normalness returning to your life, my dear friend!!!
And yes, we are having typical "spring" weather for Nebraska aren't we?! :)

Dorothy said...

Oh Shelley, I just kind of got a lump in my throat reading is so so so nice that you are getting to enjoy the "normal" life joys once again. Up here, we are remembering your visit a year ago, when you had a sinus headache that just wouldn't go away. Ashley and I keep saying how wonderful it is that the future is hidden from us. We're trying to get spring too, but we definitely haven't had as much success as you. No jonquils anywhere in sight. So yesterday we went through the Como Conservatory (remember that?) and got our eyes full of spring flowers again.

The J's said...

Ah! love those spring flowers--& the pot is darling! :)
We've had green shoots coming up for a while now, but they'll be delayed now with this cold & snow that returned.

Darcie said...

Well, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' friend...don't know how I missed wishing you it earlier. Enjoy your spring like days! :-)