Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Well, it happened.
I knew it would. I was just waiting.  
We went to the high school art show in the art museum and I was asked to leave my water bottle at the door.  
Now, I can't go much more than three minutes without a sip of water or else my mouth gets very uncomfortable.  It dries up so my tongue sticks to the inside of my mouth, people can't understand what I say, it hurts and after while I start to cough.  So, I told her I don't have saliva and I need it.  She replied that it was the insurance company's policy.  
I felt bad, and I didn't respond very well.  It also meant I either didn't go look at the show, or I walked back through two rooms every 5 minutes to take a drink.  Which is what I did, until I found all of Lynette's items, and then I went back and sat down with my water bottle until the rest were finished.  
Then I remembered I had given myself a talking to about this very subject awhile back.  There would be times and places that would be inconvenient for me to carry a water bottle.  And that would be okay.  There are some things that you cannot do when you are "disabled".  I agree that "we the people" should accommodate people with differing abilities so they can enjoy a reasonably normal life.  But, there are still things that can not be accommodated.  A person in a wheel chair does not need to climb a mountain.   Water and art work don't mix.  I can live with that, but I didn't want to on Friday.


The Chairman's Wife said...

Common sense isn't always so common. Wish you wouldn't have to go through experiences like this after all you've been through already! Thanks for sharing.

Bonita Sue said...

That was a well written insight into your "new normal." I feel bad for you having to make choices like that. It's easy to forget how many ways your life has been impacted. I liked the part about the "talking to" though, and I realize I need to exercise that option in some of my own situations sometimes, especially when I get a little self centered! I remember Grandma K's saying, "You're not the only pebble on the beach--there's a Little Rock down in Arkansas somewhere.

Mimi/Susan said...

Perhaps a small flask tucked in a belt cell phone holder, with plastic tubing that can be sipped on discreetly? Time to think outside of the box so that you can enjoy public events. Show us a picture of what you come up with! Good luck.

The J's said...

Kind of just wanted to "dislike" this...I'm sure it won't be the last, but hopefully it won't be something that happens too often. :( You need some kind of "water pills"...like Susan said, get creative.

Darcie said...

I think I agree with Susan, not that you want to be dishonest, but if you know yourself that you will be as careful as you can be, and respect things, maybe the policy of "what one knows will not hurt them." So many new things for you to think about and deal with.

Renee said...

Once again you are so sensbile in your outlook. I could learn a lot from you! I love how you can write it down and express these experiences so well. Does it help at all to chew gum?