Monday, May 6, 2013

For The Love of Art

Lynette's love is art.  After seeing what she can do, I love her art, too.  And it isn't just because it is hers.  I think she does a very good job.  
I am very proud of the work she puts into her work, and of the finished projects.  These were all displayed at the high school art show this April.  She had seven pieces chosen, which was more than anyone else.  The first and second pieces, the flowers and the wedding dress were done in Art II, last year.  Everything else, has been completed this year in Ceramics I and Art III.  I cannot tell which one I like best.  I like them all!!
I just wish my photos were better,  but not having my water bottle with me, meant I was quicker than I would have liked to be.  


Figure in Clay


Coil Pot

Slab Pot


The Artist Herself



Dorothy said...

Nice work of Ly's! Fun to see it all collected together. But my all time favorite is the one she drew when you were in the hospital... the hand holding the hand with the IV. That's how I remember it, anyway. It's special because I saw her creating it and shared some of the same feelings of helplessness and care. Only I have not the gift of being able to express it through an art medium!

Renee said...

Wow, she is really really GOOD. My favorite is the Graphite one. Remarkable!!

Darcie said...

Those are absolutely STUNNING! She is VERY, VERY, VERY talented. I am sure you have many a piece around your house of her special talent.

The J's said...

Wow, those are fantastic!! She IS really really good! My fav. is the girl in wedding dress.

Anita said...

She does do a fantastic job! Something I always wished I could do... :)