Monday, May 13, 2013

My Barry Boy

It has been a very long time since I've had grandboy photos on my blog.  I want to go back and add the few I have over the last year sometime.  It would have been nice to do this before grandboy number three comes along. But it's not happening.  
This boy is just the cutest little guy.  He is still a short little toddler that can finally climb up on the couch, the piano bench and most chairs. Zane at this age was taller and could push chairs around and get too many places.  But that is neither here nor there.  Barry is his own little self.  He is starting to say a lot of new words, but imitating those which he hears us say.  His new one on his last visit was "flash light", which sounds more like "sash-eye", but imperfect baby speech is about the cutest thing there is.  
He can say the usual  things, bye-bye, hi, baba (bottle), mama. dada, papa, but also, sue (shoe), 'side (meaning outside), water, and a whole bunch more that I knew I should have been writing down, but I was trying to keep a four year old from watering everything and an 18 month old from going downstairs, and answering a question every other minute. 

The toys are in the office/guest bedroom and this first thing this little monkey does this time, is sit down with the keyboard.  
(When I wasn't looking.)

Zane can be an over zealous helper with Barry, asserting his big brother role, which results in some very funny scenarios.  He's a big help when it comes to feeding Barry ice cream, which is messily done by Barry himself.  But, when it comes to nap and bottle time, and Zane is trying to hold it while Barry patiently sits up straight and tries to suck at it, is rather hilarious.  

The best times are playing together times, which they really aren't here, they are just playing in the same spot with Lynette to run interference if needed.    


The boys have been here several times lately while mom has doctor appointments relevant to the new baby.  I am taking the opportunity to catch up on some much delayed picture taking.  

I've been trying to teach Barry to go safely down stairs, either on his tummy or his behind.  I showed him how myself, (on my backside, not my tummy), saying "bump, bump" on every step.  He did eventually get the going down mastered, but until he did, he went down these shallow steps on foot, saying "bump, bump" all the way down. 

My over zealous waterer.


Renee said...

It really has been a long time since we have seen pictures of your darlings on here. To think little boy three will be here soon...very soon...well we will be looking for pictures of him next!

Njos Family said...

So cute - Zane still reminds me so much of Desmond - he waters everything too - to the point of killing the plant. I should get some fake plant/flowers and say here you can water this one all you want.

The J's said...

So very cute!

janis said...

Wow - Zane is getting so big! It was so good to catch up - I'm glad you keep up on your blog. Your grandkids are cute, your hair is cute, I love your stories and thoughts... greetings to your family!