Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Year Ago Today Post Two

I am not planning on doing "one year ago today posts" every week for the next year.  This will be the last one, except for maybe when I pass my radiation and chemo anniversaries and you have several months to wait for those.  Up above you will see my cheering section while I was having surgery for my tumor. It was so nice of these people to come and sit with Jim and Lynette through which must have been a truly harrowing time. Imagine, to lose sight of me at 11:30 am and not see me again until after midnight, (There were periodic updates.)  The surgery took about three hours longer than expected.  I was in surgery about 9 and a half hours.
I don't remember much about that time, being medicated and recovering leaves one too out of it to think. It is rather awe-inspiring to think of having such a massive surgery done.   

In a few weeks, a friend I knew for a little while over 10 years ago will be having brain surgery for a tumor deep inside her brain.  She has lots of support and I don't know if she remembers me anymore or not.  But, my heart goes out to her, knowing she will be having major brain surgery, and some of what that recovery 
will be.  

This post isn't flowing from my brain through my fingers as some do.  I guess it is still too painful of a memory to revisit.  It's the day that changed my life, shook me out of complacency, taught me to enjoy life more, made me more fearful, and also more trusting.  
May the thing I take out of this experience is more love. 


Bonita Sue said...

I won't forget that day either. Even though I was far away at the time, I have vivid memories of many details of the day. Glad that day and year is behind you.

Dodie said...

I, too, remember where I was that day, and the constant undercurrent of worry and concern...the huge relief to hear you were out of surgery...the joy felt when we heard you were writing notes the next morning.
We hope that we gained a measure of what you did, from the sidelines...more trust, less complacency, more love.