Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Change for Zane

Zane has made another leap forward in his learning,

Or turned a corner,

Or no matter what you call it, he is up to more tricks, he can reach farther and... and... I can't really describe what is happening around here, except,

LOOK OUT, he's on his way!

Pictures can't really show many of the changes as he is getting more in command of his mind, body and mouth. He seems more toddlerish these last few days. He is content to play by himself more.

By that I mean, he is really good at finding things to do with himself. He has rounds he likes to make, from the cupboard in the bathroom, the phone in my room, the cat in the guest room, to the cupboards in the kitchen, which are now tied shut since he found the flour.

Is he interested in the toy box? NO!!!

It is nice that he doesn't want me to hold him all the time, but it does make for more picking up after him.

He is happy playing as long as I'm not trying to get something done. When I'm trying to cook or clean in the kitchen he wants to be right there seeing what I'm doing. That means he wants to be picked up, and then I can't get anything done since I'm holding him. Sigh....

So, he's learned a new trick. If I ignore him when I'm standing by the counter, he squeezes himself in between me and the counter and pushes me back so I have room to pick him up!

What a kid!

Zane loves to "play" the piano. It makes lots of noise, but he doesn't bang and he likes to make sure he hits all the notes. I often give him playing time.

What I have just noticed is that now he likes to turn the pages as he plays.

He's got the mechanics of the thing down now.

To find out more check out the next post.

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The J's said...

Good for him! and he (and you) are doing even better if he dosen't rip the pages out of the songbooks!!
Love the "picture" of him squeezing inbetween the cupboard & you....such a toddler thing!