Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Lynette is really a very special girl. I really enjoy the fact that she likes creating things as much as I do. She is obviously heaps more talented than I am. Well, I should say she is talented at different things than I am. Talent cannot be defined as any one things. Use your imagation. She is taking art in 8th grade this year and just learned to work with acrylics. After doing her school project she wanted to try again right away and with my idea and Lynette's paint brush, this is what happened.

Lynette is such a sweetheart. She is more senstive than a lot of kids and sometimes that sits hardly on her. But, it also means we get sweet little notes from her. It is amazing what giving a kid a pad of sticky notes will do.

I think she is well on the way to becoming a very nice person. I'm so glad she is learning to take responsibility for herself. That goes a long way in this world.


The J's said...

Great art, Lynette! I sure have loved some of my girls's art projects, and I like your discription about talent. Someone said once that scrapbooking wasn't art. HA! Right! Just because she considered her particular talent artwork that the rest of us didn't measure up to. I love & treasure the notes I've got from my kids. they are special aren't they!

Lanae said...

I loved the art, too! And those notes are sweet and precious.