Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Change for Zane Part 2

Zane is starting to try to repeat words after us, he can say boo, bye, ball, ummm, you get the idea!

So, Nathan said "Dumbledore" to him and Zane said it back.

He really did!

You don't believe me.

Well, I'll spell it out for you. "D...uh....orrr". Truly three syllables and the "D" sound. WOW, is he clever or what!
And then he said it again.

But he didn't want to sound too smart so when Nathan tired to show Grandpa, he wouldn't do it.

He just laughed instead.

Of course, our household is just besotted with Zane. Everything he does is cuter and cleverer and anything else ever done.

Don't you just love that about babies. Such little things are such an enjoyment. We enjoy each new laugh, each new word, each new behavior. It is amazing that he has learned how to go downstairs backward, and can get off the couch without just falling off. And he isn't even a year old!

(Well, most of the time) He dived off again last night.

We spend a great part of our evening playing and laughing at him. What better things are there to do?

Probably the dishes.

So, of course, he thinks he's the cats pajamas. And if we aren't laughing hard enough at him, then he opens his mouth WIDE and laughs. And if you can keep from laughing, then you're a better man that I am.


Zane can drink out of a cup!

He learned to drink out of a cup all by himself. Nobody helped him at all. Well, I guess I helped a little by leaving my cup of tea (cold, thank goodness) too close to the edge of the table.

I guess he would rather drink a little bit than the whole cupful.

Does tea work to scrub the kitchen floor?

What a monkey!

Gotta get that last drop!

Hmmm, this is a new way to drink, maybe it tastes better that way.


The J's said...

oh! How very cute! the boy and the antics both!!

gkey said...

he looks so pleased with himself over it all!