Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zane is TOO Smart

I'm remembering all over again how early babies are smart. I think mine had me fooled for a long time. I love watching Zane learn new things, find new places to get into, and more things to throw around. He understands a lot of what I say, and it learning to play games with us.

Someone set Zane on the card table and he played so nicely with the alligator I took a few pictures.

He WASN'T just left with only me snapping away, someone else was "spotting".

This alligator toy which shuts up when you push down the right tooth. I don't think Zane got "bit" though.

Open Wide!

I did it all by myself.

This is the best photo that came out of the session. Such an intent, peaceful look on his little profile.

But, I digress, as some of my illustrious colleagues in the blogging business would say.
Zane loves his blankie, by the way, he'll pick it up, carry it aways, snuggle it to his face, drop it and come back again for more.

Back to the original thought, that Zane is a scamp, and needs to be watched.
He needs to be watched to keep out of trouble and because what he does is cute.

Nobody was watching him here as he found the bag of doritos and happily crunched them down and all over behind my back.
Today he did the funniest thing. I was downstairs cleaning until I got sidetracked with my scrapbooking table and then I cleaned that, got a few pages done, too. That's cleaning isn't it?
While I was ignoring Zane so I could get something done, he found my box of spools and dumped them all over the floor. Fine, that should entertain him for awhile and I kept on scrapping.
Pretty soon he came to me with both hands full of spools. There was another spool on the ground near me and I picked it up to give to him to see what he would do. He did nothing, his hands were full.
Then, I, being the lazy sort of person I am, just dropped the spool on the floor instead of walking clear across the basement to put it in at least the general area of the dumped over spools. Maybe I didn't want to get tangled in the loose thread like Zane.
Moms and Grammas have a sort of sixth sense or something that sort of keeps an eye on the kids in the vicinity to make sure they don't kill themselves, so that eye noticed Zane down on the floor TRYING TO PICK UP THAT DROPPED SPOOL WITH HIS MOUTH!!!!!
His hands were still full.
Wishing I had my camera for THAT photo, but figuring the moment was lost forever, I kept on scrapping. And my eye wandered off Zane. When he came back in my consciousness. he had not only his hands full of spools, but one in his mouth. I wonder how he put it there, dropped them all and put one in and picked them up again with his hands ..... or his mouth?
And still no camera. This time I ran upstairs for my camera and in the few seconds it took to get it, Zane had dropped all the spools and didn't go near them again.
And I wasn't kidding when I said Zane is learning to play games with us. Lorene has been teaching him to give her things. It started when he would put yucky stuff in his mouth, and he would take it out and give it to her. So, she thought she would be really clever and train him to give her things he picked up when she asked for them and that worked for -- a day-- maybe?
Now, we say bring -- that, whatever -- to me and he comes over, but not close enough to hand it off or be grabbed. He hold it out, gives a look of devilment and runs away laughing. Now he is learning.
How to make big people do what he wants. LOOK OUT!!


Rae said...

Dear Gramma,
Your Zane sure is a dolly!
Sending Him Hugs in Nebraska

The J's said...

haha! I love your post, you said it so well! He is such a cutie. With kids we just need to wear our cameras around our necks at all times, eh?!