Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scrapbooking as Art?

Scrapbooking is SO much fun. I went downstairs to clean the other day and got involved in scrapbooking. I have Zane down with me so the only thing getting clean is the scrapping table. I had some photos printed and sorted and ready so I've been putting them on pages.

This was a fun snow -- to watch. And I love to watch snow.

It may not be art, but it sure is fun!

Speaking about being creative. I love this photo of new little baby bear in his cocoon. I'm so glad it fits. I want to make another one.


Gramma's Corner said...

I wish the baby photo was bigger but I don't know how to make it bigger.

The J's said...

Beautiful art! The falling snow, the scrapbook page and the knitting!
I'll try e-mailing you the picture. I think fb re-sizes them. I've had that problem too.

Gramma's Corner said...

Now I have a bigger photo. Looks nice, thanks for all the help with this blogging.

The J's said...

*Smile* Blogging is art too, and the results of art are fun to share! :)

Njos Family said...

I love the cacoon. My Mom sent me another picture of Barrett in the cacoon in a basket - absolutely darling