Saturday, January 16, 2010

What a Tangled Web We Weave

And how do you entertain your children when you want to get some work.....

I mean... some fun done.

Zane has a lovely habit of wanting to be where I am, all the time, when we are alone here together on school days.

Which means, if I want to knit or crochet he is either sitting on my project, grabbing the needles or pulling my yarn.

Believe me, a partially used skein of yarn that is shaken is NOT very useful after awhile.

Unless you have a need to spend useful hours untangling it.

So, I hit on the very ingenious (hey, wow, I just checked my spell check and I spelled that very hard word correctly the very first time!) idea of just giving him a small ball of yard to play with.

And he played with it all right, all over the house and all over himself.

I did keep an eye on him, just in case he got tangled up in something else with the yarn that could be potentially dangerous.

I still don't think I got much done on my project.

Took too many pictures.
Oh, well, Babies do grow up and who cares if the afghans do.
Did somebody order one?


gkey said...

perfect solution for CATS.... and for BABIES it looks like! Bet that was too funny not to watch.

The J's said...

Hmmm, how is it that I missed this post? How cute. Better keep a ball of "kid happy" yarn around!