Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boys, Boys!

We got a lot of snow at our place during the Christmas Day storm.

Thanks to the team of happy diggers, our snow got very deep in spots.

John Jake


Alec Jake

I think they objected to spectators.

It was cold that day. Really cold. Single digit temperature with 40 mph winds. These boys finally got so bored with being cooped inside with 16 people that they were ready to brave the elements.

So they thought of a plan to annoy their parents. Scoop all the snow off the deck and pile it in front of the deck doors so no one could go in or out. They had great fun throwing the snow at us as we watched snugly inside.

But, the joke was on them. With all that snow piled up in front of the door, no wind and very little cold could get through. It made it a little more comfortable inside.

However, when they started pouring water on it, I put a stop to it. I could imagine breaking glass, never getting out until spring....

But, some sprinkling may have still slipped past my watching eyes.

Considering we couldn't see them work after while.

One Last Look.

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gkey said...

hey Shelleykins, I meant to comment on this were great sports to allow the snow against the door thing. I am afraid I would have been havin' a fit...!
Of course yours isn't 120 years old and mostly worn out either, so it likely held up better than ours would.