Monday, January 4, 2010


Jim can do a lot of things.

It is really nice to have a husband that can fix most anything that breaks, do household decorating and about anything else you can think of

It sure makes it easier on the budget.

Now that doesn't mean things get done on TIME. Anyone married to a man that likes to start projects more than he likes to finish them, will understand this.

This door between the dining room and garage has been needing painting a trim for several years. We could go back and figure out how long by the birthday pictures taken in front of that door.

Part of the problem is we didn't know what to do with the door. We "stained and grained" it once but it was the wrong color and had to be removed, it looked so bad. So, it stayed primer color. To redo the graining meant taking off the door for several days and we no longer have a door to use in it's place.

We have too many cats and babies around here that would wander in and out, for one thing. And, for another, Jim is too busy in the summer to do it, and in the winter it's too cold.

Anybody have a roof that needs fixed?

You know, "If it's dry it doesn't need fixed and when it rains, it's too wet to fix it."

I finally decided, enough is enough, and I did what wives do best, NAG.

I gave Jim a choice of paint colors and sent him off to buy trim and paint. He didn't pick the color I wanted, but I am so happy to have a colored door instead of a gray one, that I'm happy with the color.

Now we have a better background for birthday photos.

It looks so nice!!


The J's said...

I hear you, loud & clear!! Congrats on getting the door painted!

gkey said...

Hooray for a finished project!!
I know just how good that feels.
Sometimes we wait years, but it
is still a great feeling.
I keep a running list, and slowly
but surely there ARE things
getting crossed off.