Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Time Last Year II

Babies are rather wonderful things.

And Grandbabies even more so.

Since I think I need to chronicle every part of my life, I've been feeling sad that I didn't start blogging when Zane was born, to have started in a very obvious place...the beginning. However, those first months when I was getting used to a baby in the house again after 13 years and teaching one of my kids how to raise one....

There was NO time to blog.

Hardly time to shower!

I learned a lot of new things with a grandbaby living in the house and relearned a lot of old ones. Having a digital camera with a baby around meant I took a LOT of pictures. And I also had fun playing with the photos.

I have friends that influence me a great deal. If they aren't telling me what I should be doing they are doing such fun and interesting things and I want to do them too. Thus, the large amount of photos I have and the pains I took to make them interesting. These friends are also farther down the grandchildren road than I AM watching!

How sweet this tiny Zane looks in Gramma's hands, with the afghan I knitted for Lynette's dolly.

He is the focus of this nice photo, with his eyes open at not quite a week old.

Some of these friends inspired me to get a little basket for my own little peanuts to sleep in. I didn't have a bassinet, I had a family tiny crib that stayed in my bedroom. It was nice to have a little place for new babies to sleep out in the living room so I could feast my eyes on them.

It holds MY old dollies when babies aren't sleeping in it.

I place a great value on handmade items. I put my little ones in booties made by Elinor Kleeb when Jim and his sisters were babies. Now Zane was wearing knitted booties made by his great auntie Bonita.

It is so hard to believe the almost 13 month old running, climbing, messing, loving little boy in our house now was ever so small.

Zane -- 2 Weeks

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The J's said...

Oh! They grow so fast don't they!
And hugs to you....we're all in this "race" together! (And did I tell you what you should be doing?--shame on me!) HA