Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Growing Boy

Most people assume Zane is about 18 months old. These photos were taken just after his first birthday. I enjoyed all my babies, I especially enjoyed my last one who decided to stay a baby for a long time. None of this climbing on the furniture before her first birthday.

Or thinking the computer is a toy made just for him.

Having a birthday means packages in the mail from far away aunties. And, yes, one of them lives in Wisconsin. Zane looks so cute in this sweatsuit and it is very practical for our cold house. I wanted a really nice photo of Zane in it to show to his auntie, but this is the best I could do while following him around the house on my knees with camera in hand.

This same auntie sent a lovely winter coat. I can't imagine how we managed without it! Thank you, thank you!

I think Zane looks like a caterpillar, digging through the "catchall" basket.

But, he just looks plumb cute looking out the deck door in his new coat.

Gramma's Boy -- 1 Year


The J's said...

Those are some really cute pictures of Zane! and yes, SUCH a cute coat too!

gkey said...

I noticed his yellow coat last wed. nite, and MEANT to tell you how cute it is then. I remember Jaren had a yellow coat too, and I thought he was so cute. Somehow I did not manage to get one for Jax before he got too big to 'look cute' in one!
I love the pix of Zane. This must be so fun for the Aunties Bon and Dot to see him on your blog.

Bonita Sue said...

Yes, it is fun to see Zane on the blog!