Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's For Breakfast?

Breakfast seems to be an optional meal in our house. I grew up eating breakfast every morning, partly because I would be starving by lunchtime at school otherwise and mostly because my mom wouldn't let any of her kids walk out of the door without eating something.

That something was not necessarily breakfast food.

I couldn't face eating eggs and oatmeal in the morning, or even cold cereal. I was nauseous just looking at them. (School was NOT my favorite place to be.)

Mom didn't mind what I ate as long as I ate something, so I got very good at warming up last night's leftovers.

And, this was before there WERE microwaves, by the way.

Mom had this neat little bun warmer, that by putting a little water in the bottom and the food in the steamer basket, and heating it up on the stove burner, pretty soon, I had warm food to eat.

I'm not really sure what everyone else was eating. I have clear memories of Andy eating a serving bowl full of chocolate malt 'o meal hot cereal, and of Dad stirring sugar into his milk before he poured his cereal in.

Maybe it depended on what was happening in school that day, since I remember eating pancakes, (which I LOVE) and wheaties. (the only cold cereal I would eat)

When it was really serious, mom would whip a raw egg with chocolate milk in the blender and I would drink what we called "chocolate egg nog" before I left for school.

I suppose if I look back I ate other things, but it seems those high school years burn searing memories on my mind and I remember those years the worst....errr the best.

Now, JIM's Family, ate breakfast together every single day, they had eggs and bacon and toast and cereal, hot or cold.

So, when JIM's family breakfast traditions, met MY family breakfast traditions, we had a derailment, and we had NO breakfast, traditions or otherwise for a lot of years. Now, Jim and I eat a nice little sensible breakfast of eggs and toast and cereal and the kids are on their own.

What to feed a nice little baby for breakfast? I usually feed him baby cereal and fruit, or cheerios.

Whaddya mean those aren't Cheerioes!!

Talk to his mother about that one.

Who me?

Zane has figured out the joys of feeding his food to someone else. He opens his mouth REALLY wide and puts it in. I don't think he wants us to eat it or to eat it himself. He just wants the fun of the game.


The J's said...

What a fun post! Such darling pictures of Zane too!
I can realate to your breakfast senerios..mine was much the same way. Mom did buy me "instant breakfast" tho.
De-railment in this household too. I can eat breakfast now somewhat, especially if someone else makes it!

The J's said...

UGGG! FORGOT to check the spell check before I hit send. SOOOORRRY!!

Renee said...

Oh, how I can relate...breakfast made me nauseous too. Mom was much the same as something, I don't care what. So, Little Debbie swiss cake rolls, or Oreos were my fav..... Janet still eats Oreos for breakfast...I've advanced to yogurt. Of course alot of my breakfast appetite stems on what time of day it is served. :)

Laura Jelinek said...

I used to get sick at the smell/looks/taste of food in the morning and usually ate cold cereal if anything...with juice on it as i couldn't tolerate milk. Then I discovered that one can eat real food "PROTEIN" (has to be something other than eggs) in the morning and it goes just fine. So many times I eat cheese or some kind of meat in the morning otherwise if it's just carbs/sugar I am better of skipping which I prefer to do anyway as I'm not usually hungry till high noon.

Cute pictures thanks for sharing!