Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zane's First Haircut

Eventually little boys need a haircut.

Gramma's don't think little boys need a haircut as soon as Grampa's do. At least in this household.

The mom in this house didn't think her little boy needed a haircut as soon as he got one, but he didn't have the curls to disguise the length.

I didn't like to cut off his little curls, but Lorene wanted to see if would curl more being cut, and I wanted to be there to save some of that fine baby hair.

We all know the theory of cutting hair, but don't have the practice. So... it makes a very interesting experience for the mom, the barber, and the photographer.

I think I had more fun that anyone else.

Get ready.

Get Set.


Now we'll try the sippy cup.

All done!

These photos are arranged in the order they were taken.
Anyone who has cut little boys' hair themselves, can surely identify with these photos!


The J's said...

These are precious! yes, been there, done that! I was kind of anxious to give the first boy his first haircut...the second boy I wasn't, and waited until he was a year old! he had such soft pretty hair, a tiny bit of curl. If I remember right we gave him something to eat--probably cookies.
I love the pictures of Jim giving him his haircut, I was always the barber, & so you can imagine the lack of pictures. Only before & after. I think someone did take one of me giving Morgen one tho, My girls were old enough then to run the camera!

Lynisha said...

Oh yes, there is tears every "boy" haircut in this house! He didn't mind the first one - he was only about 9 mos old, but after that he cried and cried as if I was going to cut off his ears or something! Now I sit him down in front of the portable dvd player and that keeps him settled down enough for me to do a decent job of it! Speaking of which, it's that time again!

Lanae said...

Adair didn't have enough hair for a haircut til he was fairly close to 2 - Baylen was well past a year too. And both HATED haircuts with a passion, copious tears - Baylen still hates it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Barber-shop keeper,
Awwww! T-boy got his first at almost a year - just a trim to get rid of the too-long wispy strands. He does pretty good and always has... it's about the only time he holds still.
Prosper, on the other hand, has had six hair-cuts and needs one again now. His first was at ten days. I try to do it while he's sleeping.
Hairy-son's Mommy

gkey said...

This was ALMOST as much fun as being there!
All 3 of ours got their first haircut at about a year. Not one had curls like Zane though.