Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowboarding 2010

These kids of mine LOVE to snowboard. Jim has taken them himself these last couple of years. Since Zane was born, I stay home and babysit him, while Lorene works.

They get more daring every year and I am glad I stay home so I don't need to watch. We've had good luck since we've been skiing about 10 years with only one accident. Lorene hyperextended her shoulder the last time we went all together, so neither one of us skied, but spent the rest of the day in the emergency room.

Jim took them already to Snowy Range in Wyoming, during Christmas break, and this time Rod and Tanner came along. Lynette and Nathan have fun all by themselves, snowboarding, but it is always fun with extras, and it was nice for Jim to have another adult along.




Ready to go over the jump.

They really do have a nice time, and spent most of their time jumping to "get some air".


gkey said...

Looks like they had a great time.
I would be the one (gladly) staying home too!

jenelle said...

Too bad, Tyler and I missed the fun..School events take so much time..away from the other fun.

Geri D said...

I agree I too would rather not watch them..Wayne and Steve V. went skiing on came home after we had gone to bed, so with relief I slept the night away, but in the morning Wayne came into our room not looking or feeling very well, he broke his arm near his shoulder and had a pin put in. He was 14then, he too loves to mountain climb whatever is daring

The J's said...

Fun pictures, I've never been. I would have liked to try when I was younger, and probably would now too if I really had the chance (kind of like the rollerblading & iceskating thing ya know...) but the staying home pull is really strong for me, so....