Friday, February 12, 2010

My Little Helper

I've been laughing over Zane's antics these last few days before realizing that it is what we do everyday that makes up the daily stuff of life.

I don't have all the photos yet that I would like to highlight some more of Zane's daily life, but I hope I'll have my camera a little closer to catch some of those on film, phooey, that nice little phrase is gone forever. What are we supposed to use, catch them on digital imagery, pixels. a 2.5"x2.5" screen?

Zane was so funny in the library yesterday, at least for the first 5 seconds, until I spent the next 15 minutes taking turns with Lynette chasing him as he was looking for the way out. He is so tall, that he looks about 18 months old, and acts that old in everything but social skills. Although, I'm not so sure that 18 month olds have any great social skills. So, he goes up to this 3 year old and gets right up belly to belly to him and says "ahh", which seems to be his usual form of greeting. The poor kid, who was holding on to his mother's hand, leaned way back to try to get out of the way, while I'm trying to pull Zane off and apologize for Zane. Luckily, she was a sensible woman and got a real kick out of it, since I heard her later telling her big kids what Zane had done, and laughing.

So the only thing Zane isn't ahead of the game is the talking bit. I mean understandable words that come out of his mouth, since he can stand in front of me and "tell" me all sorts of things that sound like a whole conversation in babyese. And if he's aggravated, I'll hear about that too, as he stands there clapping his little hands together hard and very obviously telling me off.

But, I'm getting a little off the point here which is to point out again how Zane is so clever at 13 months of age.

He loves things with wheels and he's been fascinated with the vacuum cleaner as soon as he was able to follow it. If I could stand to keep it running, he would have been happy pounding on the light and hollering at it. Now, I have to be careful I don't run him over as I'm vacuuming.

I think I'll just hand the job over to him.

He's also very observant, too bad he won't sit quietly when I want him too.

Here is another new trick. I was vacuuming under the dining room table. We usually don't keep chairs by the light switches, it gets old when you're trying to do something in the light...dark...light...dark.

I don't take Zane with me to the store very often for the --what should be very obvious reasons of -- Zane not liking to get in and out of the carseat, he has a very small attention span and will jump out of the cart one of these days, and if he is not corralled, will wiggle so vigorously in my arms that I can't shop or hold him.
But, Lynette and I thought we could do it together. Zane loves to go out, so we got his nice little coat on him and while gathered up our other stuff, he decided to carry his little bag himself.
That was all well and good, except it was hanging on the chair, so when he pulled the bag, he pulled the chair over on himself and it hit him in his forehead.

What a cutie!! It was so sweet to see him carrying his little bag. It just makes my heart swell up with love for my little Zane.
Oh, and by the way, Lynette was so exhausted by the end of the hour and a half we were gone, that I'm sure she'll remember why I don't like to take Zane anywhere by myself.


The J's said...

you know, when I read your posts about Zane...I could "almost" wish to do it all again.
SHHH I didn't really say that you know....hehe!

Gramma's Corner said...

HA HA HA, believe you me, it wouldn't be as easy now. And I'm only a part time "mom". I'm only showing the "good and the bad" not the ugly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Grandma-Lady,
Good to see that Zane-boy again... he appears over here fairly often, huh? ;) What a cutie!
Movers and Shakers In NE