Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hanging In There

I am so very, very thankful to my sister-in-law, being willing to put into words what I couldn't last night.
This having surgery every week for something or other sure takes the startch out of me. 
And, as the day wanes, so do I, and I don't have the strength to write long entertaining posts.
So, the facts, I missed radiation Tues, because they found my white blood counts too low while they were giving me extra fluid.  I had the stomach tube put in that day and 2 liters of fluid.  Since then I've been sitting on the couch between radiation and doctor instructions on how to use a stomach tube.  So, I really don't get much done except feed myself and take naps. And the other things to keep the rest of my body healthy.  It is hard to brush my teeth since the inside of my mouth is sore, but you people will be glad to know I am on some high powered medication, including a Fentynal patch, that does a very good job of pain control as long as no one is poking the sore spots in my mouth.  
I think I can tolerate the way things are going for a few more weeks.  I'm just hanging in there. 
I do really appreciate your comments and encouraging words.  They give me something to do, when I'm awake. 


Anonymous said...

Yay, so glad to read your post. It brings a smile to my heart just to see you get the energy just to say hi.
I just have loved the thought of being a keeper, especially a brother’s keeper.
We heard at convention this year about a single young man who had a passion for farming and lived in the valley on the West Coast. Several of his neighbors were Japanese. During the bombing of Pearl Harbor, even though the neighbors were U.S. Citizens, they were abruptly taken hostage and forced to abandon their farms. Fortunately, most of these men were single men. This young friend of ours thought about his neighbors. Who would care for their farms? If he didn't make the effort to prepare the soil, plant the seed, and continue the care they had provided, who would? What about the harvest? So, he purposed in his heart to do all he could to be his brother's keeper. He was diligent in tending to several neighbors farms in the valley. This went on for a few years. Imagine to their surprise when the Japanese farmers were finally freed to return to a harvest full of crops, and even more so, our friend never kept the benefit of the harvest he reaped for his neighbors. He had an account made and deposited all of the money to support them once they returned. They came back expecting nothing, but really, received everything all because of the kindness of a brother. They had money to spend, farm land to sew, seed, and harvest. What seemed like was such a hopeless end was really a blessing.
Now, generations later, imagine the thankfulness in the hearts of so many families because this young man was so willing to remember others.
A neat side note is that he ended up selling the farm and went into the work. He died faithfully. He will be remembered as a faithful servant, faithful brother's keeper, and a faithful finisher. How awesome!
Just grateful that we can also enter into that portion to as we encourage each other just to keep on keeping on! Thinking of you and sending hugs from my neck of the woods!

The J's said...

It's wonderful to be able to keep updated by your ghost-writer(s) when you can't, but also SO glad to hear a few words from you Shelley--
Think of you so much. I'm off early in the a.m. heading out west for the weekend. I'm overdue for a visit at your house, we'll see how things are next week when I get back. Hope you have as good a weekend as possible! ♥

Jeanne Ogden said...

Dear Shelly, Just stopping by to get caugt up on your life. I am so glad you have such good caregivers. I've come to see how wonderfull that can be and how it helps in the healing and just being sick. Hope the Fentynal patch works. Put those on quite a few people in my care giving days and they seemed to help. Nice when it is painfull to swallow that there are other ways of delivering pain relief. Thinking of you. Jeanne

Dan & Cyndie said...

so good, once again, to have you sharing with us yourself. The thoughts above on being a brother's keeper are priceless. We all need the love & care of a brother (or sister) sometimes more, sometimes less, but the need of encouragement & help & love from another is essential to our well being, spiritually & naturally. If you could only know how much I cherish the precious give & take of our friendship over the years. Its a marvelous provision really.
Glad the pain is being controled & the feeding tube helps with fluid intake.
love you dear friend :)

Anita said...

Just another hug! Keep on surviving!! xo

Luanne said...

Morning shelley, I am still thinking about you even if you have not seen me.. little granddaughter here these days so I am in Grammy time..full time! Just keep hanging on. Hugs to you today.

Lanae said...

I'm sorry for the roughness of the way and the weariness and the hurts, and wish a cure/healing could come without it ... but also glad you are getting the best sort of care and have such good friends/family to help you too. I think of you often and I know you DO have the inner/strength and fortitude to keep hanging on day by day ... and the strength and grace God gives, too, to help.

Lynda said...

Shelly you are a remarkable woman to share your journey with all of us. Your "can do" attitude is so inspiring.

Harriet said...

Hello, you dear lady,
I love reading your blogs and be assured you and your precious family are in our thoughts and conversations many times a day. And, Shelley, be confident that when you are not able to pray for yourself, be assured that others are remembering you before the Throne. Today is so different; plans were made to visit a certain couple this week end but Doro didn't know then that the kitchen here is being remodeled so nothing can delight her more than to be on the end of a paint brush. Last eve while still inher "meeting clothes" she happily put undercoat on some kitchen cupboards. Now today she awaits the man of the house to get light gray paint and I can imagine she will be painting the rest of the day. The whole house is done in grays and maroon and is beautiful. A little one is due at this home in 3 months and the Mom assured the Dad that "the kitchen will be finished before the baby arrives". My year with DOro is quickly coming to a close; I've enjoyed it beyond expression but will be glad when another sister can have this privilege.

Time for a nap. Love lots, Harriet