Friday, August 24, 2012

The Third Ghost Appears

Here's another ghost-writer making her appearance. Hee hee. I'm actually not a ghost, if you happened to believe me, but the daughter of the wonderful woman who is presently sleeping in a hospital bed. Mom had a better day today but she is getting increasingly more tired as the days go on. I thought that mom would get bored being in the hospital for a week, but I guess it's not exactly boring alternating between sleeping, choking on gunk, taking medicine, getting fed, and nursing her mouth sores. It's all quite awful to tell you the truth, so it probably would be better if it was boring.
Anyway, they quit her IV antibiotics this morning and are waiting to see if she develops a fever overnight. So far so good. If she doesn't get a fever by tomorrow, she will get to come home!!!!!!!! They still don't know the source of the infection so they think it may be a reaction to the necrotic tissue that is sloughing off. Mom still can't talk or swallow, but she is getting quite good at communicating in more creative ways such as notes, sign language, and gestures. She hardly ever gets discouraged and if she can't get what she wants across in one way, she tries another. Basically, she's being the perfect example of how to endure gracefully in a horrible situation. I hope that next time you hear from this blog there will be a fever-free mommy sleeping in her own bed!
-Lynette Lea


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing, Lynette! You are a loving, loyal, and brave daughter! Yes, your mom is a picture of gracefully enduring as she goes through this ordeal. Sure hope that she will be home where she belongs tomorrow. Love and caring thoughts to your whole family...sent from Wisner, NE.

Renee said...

Well Hi there little Miss Ghost writer the second, more commonly called, Lynette! How lucky your Mom is to have her daughters to encourage her along through all this awfulness. I am sure you are a great help to her!! Sure hoping for the green light to go home tomorrow!! Thanks for posting!!!

gkey said...

Dear #3, and family,
On our way to workday, In the pouring rain and thinking of you! Thanks for being there for that dear dear one who is loved by so many! This ordeal will all be behind you one day, and you will all treasure each other all the more because of these hard days.
We are hoping you have a better day today.
Love and heartfelt care

The J's said...

Thank you Lynette, as mentioned once before your mama is a good example of the "creed" on the sidebar of her blog!!
Hoping for a GOOD day for all of you.

Dan & Cyndie said...

Its good to hear from YOU Lynette!!
and yes you are so right, your mama is an example of gracious endurance. So thankful to be a witness to that spirit :) its nearing noon on Saturday & i hope a fever-free mommie is at home in her own bed! with much love & care from us two!

Oleva said...

Need to be doing something else, but wanted to see how it is going there, and sooooo glad to see your post, Lynette. We hope the brighter side of this journey appears soon and STAYS!!!
Saw your Aunt B. at corn day yesterday and she must have been very happy to see it in the freezer!! She had a BIG Batch to see about! (but she is always her pleasant self regardless). Wish you could come eat some of it with us. We'll look for that another time! Special greetings to all the family and best wishes for a good day tomorrow.
Love and care,
Carl and Oleva