Monday, August 20, 2012

Smiling again in Kearney

It's so exciting to be able to share good news tonight!  Shelley is feeling a lot better today--her pain is under control, she's sleeping at times, the demon mucus is not quite bad.  It seems like she has rounded the bend again! Her white count is up from .7 to 1.1 (normal is something like 4-7.) Her fever is way down, although she still has a slight fever.  The criteria for going home is to be fever free for 24 hours. She didn't have radiation today, and it will depend on what her white count is tomorrow morning whether she'll have radiation tomorrow or not.

Now that Shelley is feeling better, everyone else is feeling better too.  I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  Well, this is just a little variation of that! The mom really IS the heart of the family.  (She won't like that word 'ain't' soiling her blog--sorry Shelley!)

Just a little picture of Shelley's spirit--the doctor's physician's assistant came in today and sat and talked with her at length, reassuringly.  Shelley then wrote a note to the PA, "I'm going to be fine..." Jim, Lorene, Lynette, and Dorothy have all had their turns being with Shelley today.  Dorothy will be staying the night tonight--Jim is there right now.


John and Sandy Linder said...

Smiles over Kearney gives us smiles too! So glad for another bend in the road behind you!

Renee said...

What a gal you are, Shelley! My heart feels lighter hearing this lovely news!! I do believe you are living up to your little quote over to the right... " What must be done, is best done cheerfully." Sleep tight, Shelley Anne!

Oleva said...

So glad I checked this fore turning in for the night because it is a good "bedtime story". Glad another corner is turned and hope the next is mere curves until this treatment business is ALL over with.
Hope to see Bonita this weekend---prep time in Wi :-)
with care,
C. and Oleva

Anonymous said...

Shelley, Another tough stretch is now beind you. You continue to amaze me with your attitude. Keep it up! Looking forward to when we will be able to see your smiling face on Sunday mornings! Each day gone is another day closer. Hugs, Holly

Luanne said...

keep on smiling...please! hugs to you today. Lu

Anonymous said...

Yippee Hi Yo Ki Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Weeze zo glad uze doin bettah!

gkey said...

Dear smiling again,
I wish I would have opened this lastnight! Glad for the "up-again-update" .
Thanks for letting your very dear Sis in laws take care of the blog when you can't

That Gkey friend

Dan & Cyndie said...

So glad for an UP-date :) When we stopped up to the hospital Sunday you were quite miserable & yet still gave us a smile or two!!
Loving your spirit, your attitude...just loving you!

Gramma Lorna and Grampa Garland said...

Checking your post this evening to see how your day went today but that ghost rider er writer must be too busy to right er write? :-) Hope it was an even better day!! Love you!!

The J's said...

A big "Thumbs UP" :)

Dorothy K said...

To those following this blog: We're going to wait until the Dr comes for the "authorized writer" to post a blog... the deal is she had a rather rotten day yest and a bump in the road last night, but now is trending right back up.... just going to set back the earlier plan of her getting dismissed today. Authorized writer will tell ya all about it!

Renee said...

We are here checking in, Dorothy, and thankful for the update. Didn't like its contents, however. Glad to read she's marching upwards again now!! Thanks for posting!