Saturday, August 18, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly, part II

It's the commissioned author again.  It seems like my posts are the gloomy ones, but that's the way it is.  If Shelley was feeling good, she wouldn't be asking anyone to write a post--she'd be doing it herself.  But, she also knows that you are waiting for word, and she can appreciate the fact that others are thinking of her and wishing her well.

Going into the weekend, Shelley wasn't feeling well.  They even went to see the doctor before the weekend, because over the weekend you usually get worse!  The last 24 hours have been miserable, with almost no way to get comfortable and almost no sleep. At 4 am this morning, she was running a considerable temperature, and after calling the doctor, they went into the ER.  After bloodwork, it was determined that her white count was really low (ANC of below 500, for you medical types...)  They also determined that the hospital was the best place for her right now, and she'll be there at least through the weekend, receiving IV antibiotics. The low white count is from the chemo, but the radiation is leaving plenty of its side effects--mouth sores, sore throat, mouth pain, and the copious amounts of mucus.  Since she's been in the hospital, they've switched around her pain medications because of what she needs to take for fever control, and that hasn't been a good thing at all. It's just a terribly miserable time for her, and she's just "enduring" at this point.  The radiation is starting to "burn" her face--a triangle from her nose to the chin, and also on her neck.

Now for the snippets of good news: Monday likely marks the last of her "regular" radiation.  After that they'll do a week (or more) of "boost" radiation, which concentrates specifically on the areas where the tumor was removed.  Hopefully her poor neck will get a rest from those ugly beams.

More good news: Dorothy has arrived to help out for a while. Shelley's voice has been pretty much gone for a couple weeks, so she has had to rely heavily on writing notes, texting, and now she's using a bit of sign language to communicate. The fact that she can't talk makes it pretty important that there is someone with her most of the time, especially in the foreign world of the hospital.  There won't be any shortage of things for Dorothy to do while she's on her "vacation!"

So, thanks again for your continued interest in Shelley and her tribulations. And, also thanks for your thoughts toward the rest of the family.  Jim claims he has a case of  "chemo brain" himself, these days.  Never knew it was contagious....

Good night, all!


The Chairman's Wife said...

So sorry to read this even though I really like the ghost writer. There is nothing to say other than our thoughts of love are keenly in NE with you all.

Renee said...

Me oh my. The things this ol body is sometimes called upon to endure is fierce!! My yearnings for relief and better days for dear Shelley and her other half are as heartfelt and deep as could possibly be. Thanks thanks thanks for the update!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh so sad to read this but thank you for letting us know! So glad she has someone to be with her!! Tight hugs to her and warm thoughts to all that are there helping her through!!

The J's said...

Sad here too... :(
So glad for the update tho and that Miss D has arrived.
Hoping for relief soon for you Shelley!
Much love & care--MJ

John and Sandy Linder said...

We are so thinking of Shelley and all of the family. We hope she is able to get some relief soon!

Oleva said...

Thanks for an update because we care.
Jim, you are living up to your wedding vows and we admire that!!!!
Glad for the strong love that carries you thru this busy, difficult time. Glad Dorothy can be there for help and support that all of you need. Spec. greetings to Shelley. Hope this very unpleasant time passes soon.
Carl and Oleva

Darcie said...

It's been awhile since I have been over, and my heart is hurting for our dear Shelley! What a road this has been, for her and her family.

Thank you for the updates, and hoping for some sunshine to be sent Shelley's way soon. :-)

gkey said...

Dear in the trenches,

I keep getting this picture we talked about early on....the fight, the endurance, the long days and nights, the pain....if we could just take some of it away for you my dear Shelleykins!

Love you so much.

Ruth said...

My heart aches for all of you...this is truly the endurance part of the journey. Healing days are just ahead...hang in there. Love and prayers for all of you!