Thursday, August 23, 2012

She's back with us!

We're sorry to be a little slow in writing a new post.  Maybe we were unconsciously waiting for the real author to be back with us!   And now......

Here she is!

I'm finally feeling back in the real world
after struggling with morphine issues.
I mean, the stuff works great for pain, but interferes with real life.
So, I feel like I've hardly been around the last few days
to take in what is going on around me.

I'm hoping now to be going home Saturday morning
after finishing IV antibiotics.  
What an ordeal this has been,
and I hope to catch up on missing details later.

Dodie has all the particulars under her care, and can give you those.
So, we've got a joint effort going on tonight.


So now, folks, isn't that just the greatest?  Not a whole lot to say about the last few days since they were basically just a morphine blur.  It became pretty evident by afternoon yesterday that there was waay too much morphine in this little lady's system, so the decision was made to reduce it by a third, with the thought more could be added in if she couldn't tolerate.  That decision was made without her knowledge so there wouldn't be any anxiety about having less factored in.  She tolerated it really well, and....need we say any more?  Tonight she is perky enough to feel like writing that bit, her pain is well managed, and she is continuing to deal with the side effects of chemo and radiation, none of which are pleasant.  They've all been described to you before, so we'll skip it....except to say that the ghostwriter's term Demon Mucous is 100% accurate.

Thanks sincerely to the entire cheerleading section!

-The Sister-in-law Who Counts it a Huge Privilege to be Shelley's "Nurse" This Week!


Renee said...

Yippee YaY, Shelley is back!! What a happy note to go to bed on!!

YaY for Shelley's sister-in-laws....from nursing to blogging to sowing the seed...they have it down!!

gkey said...

Dearest Shelley,
It is good to have your "blogging-voice" back...even for a little note here. We are thinking of you often every day!
Thank you D for being Shelley's nurse and so much more.

The Keough family

Oleva said...

Just got on here quickly to see about you Shelley. So glad I did, now I can go to sleep happier!! So glad for any plus in your 'world' and think of you daily and often during the day. Glad for your caring sister in law giving you and all a helpful hand.
Looking forward to seeing Bonita tomorrow. She will be busy!!!!!
with care.
C. and Oleva

John and Sandy Linder said...

So glad you have such a good personal nurse! And happy to hear from you for a bit. Keep on keeping on Shelley girl!

The J's said...

Good to see you for a bit this morning! So glad you've managed to surface again! Yay for pushing on, yay for a great nurse/SIL!