Monday, April 12, 2010

This Time Last Year V

April 2009

I quit taking as many photographs in Zane's fourth month and started scrapbooking the ones I had. He stopped being newborn and started being a changing, growing baby with something new every day.

Awake and alert.

This group of photos are just some sweet photos showing he knows now how to hold onto things and put them to his mouth. I like them all and couldn't choose between them.

As well as being able to get his chest off the floor.

Still a sweet little baby in a favorite sleeper.

Zane is ignoring the cat for about the only time in his life.

He looks so much bigger now in this swing. Once upon a time, my brother, Tim, bought my kids a psychedelic sleeper, a size 4 that the girls wore from when they were two until five. We couldn't prevail upon Nathan to wear it. They wore it until most of the buttons fell off and were lost. They loved it and will remember it forever.

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby! Especially, now that Zane is sleeping right now
so that I can actually blog instead of chasing him around keeping him from taking things off the counter, opening doors, and putting things in the toilet.

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gkey said...

Dear Gramma view,
I love looking back at pix of babies in that first year. They just change so much and so fast. He is adorable, and that last photo with his mommie is precious too.
Nostalgic Nana