Thursday, April 15, 2010

Track Season

Track Season--that time of year where you endure hot weather, cold weather, wind, rain, hard bleachers, all on the same day, while wandering around making sure Zane doesn't get lost or run over by tracksters.

Kearney, Horizon, & GI Walnut

Whenever anyone claps, so does Zane.

This is Lynette's first try at track, she works hard and the competition is fierce at Kearney Public School. You need to be in the top 4 to be guaranteed a chance to compete.

Lynette likes long jump the best, at her best she's competitive, but she's alternate right now, since there is a girl that can jump over 13'. She's 5th in the lineup.

She jumped 11' 11" at this meet.

She's also in the 5th spot for the 100 m. dash, but by only .3 of a second. So, she stays on to see if she can do better.

The 4x100 relay was strong, no handoff mistakes and everyone had a good start. They were first, so she's guaranteed a spot with that event.

Victory Grin!!


Renee said...

I love her happy smile!

gkey said...

Dear on the Gramma/mama track,
Zane looks like he is having a grand time helping you cheer on your girl!
Running...but on a different kind of track!