Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Journalling Begins

Dear Reader, (to steal from my very dear friend and blogger)

I have been blog hopping and find that I enjoy reading about other people's lives and since I have spent much time and money on journals. I've been wanting to have a few "wordy" blogs myself. Maybe I should just start another blog.

My problem is I have so many ideas, good, bad and indifferent floating around in my head when I am busy cooking, or cleaning, or reading, or crocheting, or laundry, or wasting my time, that I forget, (oh, and also carting my kids around and going to their events,) what those earth shaking ideas might be.

What I have discovered in the little blog hopping I did these last two days, is that there are a lot of women out there who are enjoying chronicling (oooo, that's a word) their ordinary lives, which is the beauty of them, since everybody's ordinary lives are a little bit different and a little bit the same.

I found this blog called "How to Fold a Fitted Sheet." And I enjoyed the first post. I didn't look very far in, so I don't know anything about the rest.

ANYWAY, I know how to fold a fitted sheet, so of course, I had to look to see if she did. She does.

When I was a teenager I did quite a bit of the family laundry. Laundry is one of my favorite jobs if I hang the clothes outside on the line. I was interested enough in doing it right that when my mom taught me how to hang sheets on the line and it did it the way she showed me, some neighbor lady came up to me and complimented me on how nicely I hung up sheets.

Well, that's enough right there to make a teenager like hanging clothes on the line and it carries over even until now.

Mom always threw the fitted sheets over the line, evened them up at the bottom and pinned them. But for the flat sheets, she folded them in half and pinned 3 or 4 inches over the line. I supposed that that was the way to do it. but in reality, I guess it is because they are longer that fitted sheets and by just throwing them over the line, they would drag on the ground.

I have even been known to hang out certain parts of my laundry out on sunny, snowy days. There really is not much that smells and feels better than to get into bed under sheets and blankets that are hung outside. And if done early enough in the morning, they WILL be dry by late afternoon.

If I was really ambitious I would have somebody video me hanging up a fitted sheet, but since it is 7:45 am, I am supposed to be taking my daughter to school this minute, but she's not ready, and my bed is already made.


The J's said...

You know, sometimes I think the "thumbs-up" "LIKE" sign would be very handy on a blog post too.
I know....then we'd have even less comments! :)

gkey said...

Dear Laundress (amoung many other things)
FreshClean wash is one of my favorite subjects. I am weird that way too.
A long time ago I became fascinated with the art of hanging up clean wash to dry. Maybe it was out of necessity. Maybe it was boredom. At any rate, I enjoy it.
'Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work' (Aristotle)