Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Signs of Spring

The Guardian of the Garden

I love spring. The days finally warming up enough that you don't freeze to death just walking outside. The days that I can walk outside sometimes with just a jacket.

The signs of spring are here, blooming in select spots in our yard.

Daffodils are my favorite flower of spring. And maybe for all time.

Grape Hyacinths.

Dutch Iris

Hyacinth--I can smell these as soon as I walk out the door.


I love my flower garden, but I don't love weeding. I always start out great guns, but usually give up about half way through. We did pretty well last year due to buying a pickup load of wood chips and spreading them thickly around and getting some pretty perennials. I hope they survived the winter.

1 comment:

gkey said...

Dear Flower of Spring,
I always enjoy your flower garden every year. I noticed it Sunday too, and meant to tell you
how nice it looks already!
My flower beds are begging for attention, and I have yet to get much done in them. Tonight it feels like a relapse into Winter again.
Spring Flower wannabe