Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Working Together

Taekwondo is an interesting sport. To TKD enthusiasts, it isn't considered a sport but a way of life. I'm not ready for me and mine to go that far, but like anything we do, one would hope that it betters ourselves instead of hindering. Our kids have discovered that school coaches don't really think martial arts are a sport at all. It isn't like football, that's for sure, which seems to be the only sport high schools can see most of the time.

We went Saturday to the regional championships in Hastings. This is a tournament our kids love to compete in. They didn't do as well as they usually do. We could use as an excuse that Lynette was a little busier than usual with track season starting up, and Nathan lost a lot of practice due to an ingrown toenail. But, it was a very big tournament with more competition than usual. It makes any medal or trophy won there a real accomplishment. They competed with as many as six or seven in each division.

We start our tournaments just like any other sporting event, with the national anthem. It never fails to make me proud to be a citizen of the United States.

Nathan and Lynette had good success with their board breaks this time. They both tried something new, showy, and a little more difficult. Board breaks go so fast it is hard to get a photo, and anyway, I didn't have enough battery to do any videos. I keep forgetting I could put a video on here to show them off.

Lynette did a double front kick break. A both feet off the ground, hit the boards at the same time break, and didn't break one, but she did the second time. Nathan's best break was a back kick, front punch done simultaneously, with no looking back. Very nicely done. Nathan got a 1st, Lynette a 3rd.

There also was competition for team form. These kids haven't competed with team form very often, but they did an excellent job on this one. All four did the same form in different quadrants of the ring, coming back together to finish up. Very good! They got a third out of the six or seven teams in their division.

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gkey said...

dear Mom of champs,
I say whether they win or not they are strong champions at this (sport? or skill?)
admiration for self discipline