Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Too Many Cats

We really do have too many cats at our place. We have 6 right now, and when we were in the kitten business we had as many as 18. We've given some away over the years, but when the kids grew too busy for kittens, they began to get wild and we couldn't catch them to give them away or to take care that there would be no more kittens. Living outside of town, kittens are often chased off or eaten by something. It is a way to have fewer cats around, but I prefer not to have kittens than to provide the local coyotes with dinner.

Zane likes cats. They are smaller than he is, as he is living in a world where every one else is bigger than he. He chases them all over and pulls their tails. We do have nice cats, since all they do is hiss at him after the tail-pulling.

It was a beautiful evening the other night. Sunday evening is a nice winding down time at home sometimes. We had done our duty by our fellow man earlier by feeding some of them and spent part of the rest of the evening wandering around after Zane.

Zane, as aforesaid, was chasing the cats when one disappeared through the cat door into the garage.

He's also been taking to bending down and looking between his legs. He does it every where, including on top of the coffee table.

This cat is the most annoying one. If anyone is outside, he is right there, rubbing whatever part of us he can reach. When Zane was younger, Velvet would rub 'round and 'round him, knocking him over and giving him no chance to get up. It was funny to watch, but frustrated Zane beyond endurance.

Zane can entertain himself with the cats as long as they stay around.

But they don't really like to be carried around by him.


The J's said...

these are great photos of Zane!
and I'm SO glad you fed the masses on Sunday....Thanks again!!

gkey said...

Dear Cat Lady,
That one black cat looks as BIG as Zane!
Country is hard on cats around here. We had too many not long ago....and one of the 2 mamas left just had kittens. But the next day it was reduced to just 'kitten'. We are not sure who took care of that. Our new Risky dog has been accused.....but there is no proof.
Less cats to feed

Kupkate said...

Hey Shelley,
Cute pix!
Love, The chicken Lady