Monday, April 26, 2010

15 Months and Counting

It is absolutely incredibly amazing how much this 15 month old grandson of mine knows about the way things work. He is learning that he has to have socks and shoes on before he goes outside.

He doesn't seem to care about pants yet, but we insist upon it.

Today he pulled down his jacket from the hook and then after he had it on he grabbed the bottoms of the zipper and tried to put them together. He also found a pair of old ear buds, and put one up to his ear, then mine.

That is what inspired me to write this post and how different the things he knows at this age compared to what I knew or my kids knew.

He knows if you play with the keyboard things happen on the computer screen.

He knows the right way to put his hand on the mouse.

He knows how to turn door knobs to open doors.

He knows how to ask for something in sign language, it's more-more to him.

He can say "please" in sign language.

But, what is the most exciting thing of all, is that when we tell him that he has to stay where we can see him or he goes inside...

He listens.


gkey said...

dear GramMazed,
What fun to watch this little guy learn his way around his little complex ways we didn't, until much later in life.
It just shows what even the littlest are capable of early on, in todays world.
still learning what my kids learned very quickly.

Njos Family said...

Zane is such a smart boy. I can not wait until Desmond starts to understand that last one also.

Dalayna said...

What a sweetie!