Saturday, May 1, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Jim had a birthday last month. To celebrate, we left the kids at home and used a Red Lobster gift card my brother gave me. We blew the whole thing and had a really nice time.

We fed Zane some cake, too. He likes to be where the action is.

The real purpose of this post is to show you Jim's favorite cake. Or rather, his favorite frosting. I think I could put a candle in a can of coconut pecan frosting and he would be just as happy as having it on a German Chocolate Cake. But then the rest of us wouldn't get any.

I don't make this cake very often. It isn't hard. But Jim and I are the only ones who like it very much and I don't like to see things go to waist. (Because... it sure doesn't go to WASTE around here!)

I make this cake for him every year. And this one WAS made yesterday, no matter what the date on the picture says. My new camera that I like very much, which uses a rechargeable lithium battery, just shuts off without any warning when the battery is done. I don't have a backup right now. But I just might have to get one unless I can remember to recharge this battery on a schedule.

So.....since my battery was out, I used Lynette's camera. And obviously no one reset the date when they put new batteries in the last time. That is REALLY annoying that somehow it won't retain the date. I mean they can make electronic things do about everything else, except last 20 years like old Maytag washers!!! Come on now!

Doesn't this cake look good enough to eat!! It sure wouldn't win any prizes for looks, although the photos don't show what really happened. I like to line my round cake pans with waxed paper and grease and flour THAT, to make sure my layers come out with out sticking or breaking.
Well, I didn't have any waxed paper, so I thought I'd try to get along without.
I shouldn't have.
The first layer I tried to get out stuck and half stayed in the pan. That is where most of the crumbs that are decorating the edges came from. Then, since my oven seems to be unlevel, I usually layer my cakes with the thinner edges opposite, so I have a cake that doesn't lean quite so bad.
I didn't this time. The layers were being so uncooperative, I forgot.
I was just referred to a site called Cake Wrecks, and while mine isn't as bad as some of theirs, it is a fun link for a laugh, and I sure wasn't laughing for awhile with this one.

We wouldn't have had a cake at all, since I went out to the flower garden while this one was baking and forgot all about it. Luckily, my daughter, hearing the timer ring, rescued it.


gkey said...

dear About the Cake,
Often, the best tasting cakes are the ones that fell short in the looks catagory!
the Birthdays for more than the cake
Keoni Country
Happy birthday to Jim

Lynisha said...

Looks good enough to eat anyway! Try "Cake Release" - it's a Wilton product that you can find in the cake decorating (craft dept) aisle at walmart or hobby lobby. It's NEVER failed me!