Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Here at Last!

(From my daughter's point of view)

Another day has come and gone, only this one is special. It isn't every day your oldest daughter graduates from high school. Somewhere in this sea of blue she is sitting, waiting for her turn to walk across the stage and receive her diploma.

I remember when I graduated. I was glad to be done with that place. I had more unhappy memories than happy ones. I was nervous, since I had to speak. But, this isn't my day, it's Lorene's.

I think Lorene is glad to be done. School isn't always fun. Maybe it never is.

We took Zane to the ceremony. He won't remember his mom graduating from high school. Mostly because he was out in the hall being chased by his grandpa. He sat quite still for 5 minutes. Just enough time for the people around him to find him enchanting. Then, so everyone else around us could watch and listen without being subjected to shrieks and kicks, Jim took him out.

I found it very interesting that I could sit quite calmly and listen to the speakers, and watch the graduates file past. I actually didn't find it boring it all. I don't think that is because the speakers were especially interesting. I was just glad to sit down.

Ta Da!!

Here she is!!

It's real, it's signed, it's on to real life! (Which she's been practicing on, thank you very much.)

Graduation wouldn't be complete without the friend she's known since she was three months old. For years Relyssa's mom and I have thought about this day, and how we would celebrate together.

And that is as much for the mom's as well as our daughter's. Planning a celebration goes a lot smoother when you pick a helper who's already planned 6 or 7 graduations and 3 and 2/2 weddings.

It is also a good idea to celebrate with a family that has a cake decorator in it.

And now for the album of people most interested in our graduate's success.

The parents.

The grandparents.

The Neighbors.

Oh, wait, that's us...

the reason that these two lovely girls are graduating,



The J's said...

Oh Shelley--you made me cry!
What a lovely post. Hope you don't care if I link it to mine!
Love & Memories, from the other mother.

Diane T. said...

Yay for Lorene!! Yay for Mom and Dad. You did pick a well experienced partner and she was happy to share the task this time!

Lynisha said...

Very nice!
And how lucky to celebrate with a family who has a cake decorator in it! <3

Lanae said...

I loved this post, too, Shelley! I like how you write.

Njos Family said...

I too was ready to be done with high school. There were several teachers that would tell us that our high sch. years would be some of the best years or our lives. My girlfriend and I were like really, I sure hope not.

Garland said...

Very nice reception and love the pictures!! Thanks for including us, we enjoyed seeing you all, especially the girls and parents!! Good Job, all of you!! Love, Garland and Lorna

Janis said...

Congratulations to Lorene! You brought back some memories...some good, some not so.

gkey said...

AND Congratulations to THE PARENTS!

It was a nice reception. Hope you are all recovered by now! I meant to ask where Zane was that night...maybe sleeping?

31 years ago, I was one of those in 'the sea of blue'. Back then KHS had the graduations at Harmon Park in the open air theatre.

Remembering that Walk once upon a graduation day