Saturday, May 22, 2010

It Seems Like Only Yesterday

It doesn't take very long for a few years to go by. Here my oldest daughter is 18, graduated from high school and thinking she is very grown up indeed.

But a few years ago, she wasn't so old.

This, I think, is the first picture I have of Relyssa and Lorene, who were born exactly three months apart to the day. Relyssa is 6 months and Lorene is 3. I wish it was a little better of Lorene.

I wonder if anyone else remembers the circumstances behind this photo. My daughter had just spent the last two hours screaming her head off, on the way to, during, and coming home from gospel meeting in Grand Island.

It was the first of many such screaming sessions, which I don't really know now and didn't know then, the cause. I could only guess at over stimulation or over excitement. So, she really wasn't in her best looks.

Now why on earth I wanted COMPANY that evening after having a screaming baby on my hands, I can only wonder now. But, since the company was a woman who was already on baby number 8, and my friend, and a big help in times of trouble and fun, then as now. One who would never look down on someone else's baby problems, one with infinite patience. (Well, with her friends anyway, who has infinite patience with kids even if you don't have 12)

My aforementioned friend whose skill as a photographer is very useful in taking pictures of our girls together, took several of Lorene over the years.

This photo is from a very successful photo shoot in Harmon Park, after we got there. I wonder if Lorene remembers the hissy fit she had before it, to which I responded with a hissy fit of my own, before she wore the dress.

At any rate, we got some very nice photos of the two of them.


The J's said...

LOL!! Wow, and they look so sweet & angelic there, who'd of known!

If I remember right (?!!) that picture is one of the first we have of Relyssa sitting up on her own. I sure remember the evening, but not because of Lorene's crying. Time goes so fast!

gkey said...

dear 18+ years of MommyMemories,
I am wondering if we maybe saw Lorene once when she was around this age. It would have been on a visit home before we moved back here though. She sure had the HAIR...darling curls! I love bonnets on baby girls, but with those curls i likely would have never wanted to cover them up even for the sake of a darling bonnet.
The older R & L is what I remember best, and these dresses that inspired your lovely scrapbook page about "Littlegirls,dresses tied with bows and futures tied with dreams" will always be a favorite of mine.
Looking back at baby girls growing into bigger and then grown-up girls