Monday, May 3, 2010

Time for Tea

I like tea. I drink it every day. And anymore I want loose leaf tea. Of course, that is what I have at the moment thanks to good friends and relatives who keep me supplied with all sorts of tea stuff.

The leaves, the cups, the pots. Everyday, I can choose something different to drink my tea in.

I'm not QUITE a tea snob.....yet.

This tea is as different as they come. Called 'flowering tea', it does just that when it comes in contact with hot water.

It starts out as a tiny, tightly compacted ball of tea leaves that looks like a really big seed.

It doesn't look like it could possibly turn out to be anything like the picture on the package.

The nice little ball of who knows what, opens slowly.

Until there is a full-blown flower in the tea pot!

Here is another color. I found that the tea tastes all the same, no matter what color the flower is. Over in the corner the tea ball is expanding, but you can see my picture taking efforts reflected in the tea pot.

Anyway, I think it is a pretty neat way to have your tea.


Lynisha said...

Interesting! I wish I enjoyed tea... it smells so lovely and taste kind of like nothing! (that's MY opinion, anyway!)Looks like a nice day to start out your day anyway.

gkey said...

Dear Tea-flower,
How Unique!
Once in a while I am on a tea-kick. Sometimes more perfectly done than others depending on how serious the mood is.
Doubt I will ever be a tea-snob, but I would drink it with the Best of 'em
NE (or anywhere else for that matter)