Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Hands

This is my mother's hand. It was given to me at birth. It has been 45 years in the making.

My hand is just like hers. The same age spots, the same wrinkles, the same size. My hand is not wrinkly yet, but the position looks like it. I can see my hand looking like this in 25 years.

Just like my mom's.

I've earned this hand. It has held, diapered, comforted, caressed, bathed, and spanked three of my own children and is working on a grandson.

It's gardened, sewed, crocheted, scrubbed, washed, ironed, folded, cleaned, cooked, dusted and created.

It's worked inside and outside, clean jobs and dirty ones.

It's done too many things to list.

This hand has done the same things my mother's has.

Mothers are the same everywhere.



The J's said...

What a nice tribute. I see my hands "becoming" my mothers hands also--in looks that is.

gkey said...

dear Mother's Hands are Forever,
Oh, ShelleyKins, this is your best so far....or at least my favorite so far!
What a sweet tribute for Mothers day week too.

and Happy Mothers day to you on Sunday
from another Mother on this Journey with you.

Dalayna said...

I loved this post :)

Lynisha said...

Very nice!

Raimie said...

Dear Hand-y,
I loved this post too, I totally understand the feelings you wrote about... even though my hands are a few years younger than yours! I hope my hands do as good of a job in this life as my mother's.
A Mother in NE

Lanae said...

Great post!