Monday, May 31, 2010

17 Months Today

Zane is 17 months old today.

He has a vocabulary of about 10 words. He can say mama; belly button, while lifting up his shirt; hi; hello; moo, while pointing in the direction of the cows; jump; all gone, with appropriate gestures; and he can sign thank you, please and more, and attempt those words, too.

And today, a brand new word, kitty!!

He can run, jump, climb, clap, push chairs, open doors, take things out of my kitchen drawers, open the fridge and point to the milk, balance on one leg, help get himself dressed, put on his hat (and take it off too), walk up and down stairs (sometimes without holding on), and take off his pants and diaper.

He can put clean and dirty dishes and silverware on the table, in the drawers, and in the sink.

He can also jabber, holler, scream, whisper, whistle, and drive us crazy.

We sure do love that little boy.

He loves anything with wheels and moveable parts. He can take lids off most anything and isn't interested in putting them back on. If it goes he wants to ride on it. If it is standing still, he wants to climb on it. If something can be taken apart, he will try it. He even likes to try to put his car seat and stroller buckles together. He can't.

He loves to ride on the 4-wheeler with Nathan, and we love to see Nathan willing to give them to him.

I consider him a toddler now. I really think he earned that title when he went into my bedroom, both doors being shut, and brought out my little step stool, took it over to a kitchen drawer and started emptying it.

Today being a holiday, no work for Jim, he and Zane spent it almost entirely outside.

Planting Trees.

Zane is taller than this tree right now. Let's check back in 10 years.

After the planting comes the watering. Every things needs a little water to help it grow!!

Zane must get too much.

Oh, the pure childlike joy on a summer's day.

This is the view from our front stoop.
We are planting trees along our south property line because someday that cornfield between here and Menards won't be cornfield anymore and because Jim is obsessed with trees.

And these photos, taken on Zane's 17 month day are just plumb good.
Posting them on the blog doesn't do them justice. Think poster size.


gkey said...

dear On-site-Zane-watch,
I know you value getting this front line opportunity to watch Zane grow and change from infant, baby, to toddler this last 17 months. Reminds me of the quote "...because it will never come again is what makes Life so sweet" I hope you get to be close to all your future grandbabies too. That cute little Toddler in the 'jungle' is my favorite shot today.
Every 'Grand' experience is perfect and unique

Njos Family said...

I love the water pictures, in the last water pic I don't think either of Zane's feet are on the ground. Made me laugh.

The J's said...

They are just all darling! Cherish the moments!!

Janis said...

Awww, he is sooo cute - What fun you're having!